Lickable & Creamy Cat Treats

Are you looking for a new approach to cat treats for your kitty cat? Why not try one that your cat can lick? Lickable cat treats provide a unique and fun way to treat and bond with your feline friend. Wet cat food contains much-needed moisture that can help your kitty stay hydrated. But, there are other easy and delicious ways to add some extra H2O to your cat's diet, like moisture-filled cat treats! These healthy cat treats can be fed by hand or poured into a cat bowl- you can even put these lickable cat treats on top of cat food as an enticement to eat. And these lickable cat treats are so yummy, we wouldn't' be surprised if your cat literally "licks" the bowl every time. The possibilities for using these snacks are endless, and their benefits make these cat treats hard to beat. Inaba offers lickable cat treats in all sorts of cat-friendly recipes. If your cat prefers poultry, you can try the Inaba Churu chicken puree lickable cat treat. They also have fish recipes, like the Inaba Churu tuna with salmon puree lickable cat treat, for cats that prefer pescatarian dishes. To really keep your cat interested during treat time or mealtime, you can rotate through the variety of flavors. That way your kitty will always be excited and ready for their next meal. Looking for cat treats that cater to your cat's age? Hartz Delectables include kitten, adult and senior lickable cat treats to choose from to meet your cat's nutritional needs. The Hartz Delectables tuna lickable kitten treat provides new kittens vitamins, minerals and taurine, which will help support their growth and development. And for your senior cat, the Hartz Delectables chicken senior cat treat is made to satisfy your cat while supporting your cat's age. This formula is made with vitamin E, which is an excellent antioxidant for your senior cat. Your cat can be as hydrated as she is spoiled thanks to Chewy's wide selection of cat supplies like lickable cat treats that make for a perfect daily reward. Shop Chewy's online pet store for all of your cat’s needs including cat litter box furniture, cat mats, cat sweaters and cat costumes, or a convenient cat leash.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lickable & Creamy Cat Treats

What are lickable cat treats?

Lickable cat treats are purees, broths or stews you can give your cat as a treat. Cats usually love the lickable texture and taste, and their high water content can help promote healthy hydration. Many lickable treats come in tubes or pouches you can squeeze to dispense their tasty contents. Try using these to feed lickable treats by hand, creating a fun bonding experience with your cat!

Are lickable treats good for cats?

Lickable treats are good for cats as long as you give them in moderation. Like any treats, lickable treats should not make up more than 10% of your cat's caloric intake, and you should account for those extra calories when deciding how much to feed your cat. Cats usually love lickable treats and they are fun to feed, as well, so serve them as an occasional reward for your feline friend. You can also use lickable treats for a necessary calorie boost or as a tasty topper to entice senior or ailing cats to eat more.

What's the best lickable cat treat?

The best lickable cat treat will be tasty and full of healthy ingredients, without extra fillers that might not be good for your cat. Many lickable treats are meat or broth-based and provide extra hydration and protein. Meaty lickable treats taste great, too, making them a great standalone reward or food topper to jazz up boring kibble. Read the ingredients list on lickable treats before you buy and remember to use them in moderation.