Dog Life Jackets

If you enjoy the open seas and want to bring your pup along with you, dog life jackets are a must have! The Frisco dog life jacket is made for comfort and safety and features three straps that you can adjust for a perfect fit. At the top of this life jacket is a grab handle so you can easily pull your pup out of the water in case of an emergency. For a dog life jacket that takes style into consideration, the Paws Aboard nautical dog life jacket has an adorable nautical pattern with sailboats, anchors and boat wheels. This life jacket features heavy-duty buckle straps for an effortless fit. Maybe you’re looking for a life jacket that’s teeming with ocean life. The Outward Hound life jacket for dogs has a cute fish print for your little swimmer. This life jacket is designed with a front float to help keep your dog’s head above water. Before sailing off on your trip, let your pup get accustomed to their life jacket. Start by laying the life jacket near your pup so he can get used to it. This will allow him to sniff it and get used to it. Next, slowly put the life jacket on him, making sure to do this at a time when your pup is in a relaxed state of mind. Let your pup wander off with the life jacket on so he can get used to it. Practice this several times before your sailing adventure. It also doesn’t hurt to give him a few dog treats to give the life jacket a positive association. While dog life jackets are necessary for boating safety, you should also make sure to familiarize your pup with the boat. Let him sniff around the deck, get used to the swaying movement and practice coming aboard. Make sure to pack some essential gear, like a dog first-aid kit in case your pup gets hurt. Pack some dog potty pads and bring a portable dog water dish so your pup has regular access to fresh water. For your next boat trip, be sure to pick up everything you need at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Life Jackets

Do dogs need life jackets?

Dogs do need life jackets for safety when swimming, especially in rough or open water. Life jackets for dogs are also a good idea when boating or playing near water. Dogs who cannot swim well or those who like to take off swimming are especially in need of life jackets. Life jackets can also help you spot your dog in the water and lift him out safely if he falls overboard or swims too far.

How should a dog life jacket fit?

A life jacket should fit snugly without being uncomfortably tight. Make sure the life jacket isn't too loose or it may make it hard for your dog to swim or sit safely with his head above water. Most jackets have adjustable straps to make getting a good fit simple and easy.

How do you measure a dog for a life jacket?

Measure a dog for a life jacket by taking neck, girth and back measurements and comparing them to the size chart for the jacket. You will also need to know your dog's weight to ensure the life jacket in the size you've chosen will fully support his weight. Chewy includes a size chart with all apparel listings, along with a measuring guide to help you get the perfect fit.

What are the best dog life jackets?

The best dog life jackets will be buoyant and lightweight with an adjustable fit for your pup. Choose a design in a highly visible color to make spotting your dog easier, and consider a reflective model for added safety. The best life jackets for big dogs will have dual handles for easy lifting. Life jackets for smaller dogs should be cut in a way that doesn't hamper their ability to swim.