Lightweight Cat Litter

Fill your cat litter boxes without destroying your back with the wonderful invention that is lightweight cat litter. Chewy has a large selection of lightweight litter choices to meet a range of human and feline preferences, for easy lifting and easy going all around. Lightweight cat litter does the same job as regular cat litter but weighs only about half as much, for easier lifting and uses less fossil fuel for shipping. It comes in the same great varieties as the clumping cat litter you’re accustomed to, including lightweight dust-free cat litter, gloriously scented cat litter and unscented cat litter, plus a less-heavy version of flushable cat litter, too. If you’re looking for non clumping cat litter options that are lighter than traditional clay, you can try pelletized newsprint, virgin paper pellets or one of the natural cat litter varieties made from wood, corn, wheat, nut shells or grass. Whatever type of litter you and your cat ultimately choose, you’ll always find a great deal on all your cat supplies at Chewy’s online pet supplies store.

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