Limited Ingredient Biscuits and Crunchy Treats for Dogs

Whether you’re trying to keep your dog’s regimen simple and healthy or feeding a special diet to combat sensitivities, limited ingredient diet crunchy dog treats can be a great addition to the menu. Chewy carries a terrific selection of limited ingredient dog biscuits in a wide variety of flavors and sizes to suit small and large pups alike.

Limited ingredient crunchy dog treats, like the limited ingredient diets they’re supposed to complement, often contain just one protein source and one carb source to avoid triggering sensitivities. They’re usually free of filler ingredients like corn, wheat and soy, and they often avoid artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, too. Not all limited ingredient treats will be appropriate for sensitive or restricted-diet dogs, however, so read ingredient lists carefully and consult with your vet about which ones are right for your pup’s needs.

Limited ingredient diet dog cookies come in a range of tasty flavors, and they often feature wholesome ingredients and simple preparation methods that make them a yummy and healthy treat for dogs on all sorts of diets. Feed them as a complement to a grain-free diet, or give them as a wholesome snack to omnivorous pups, too. You can also find LID treats that fit into weight loss, high protein, sensitive digestion and even organic and vegetarian diets, just use the handy search filters on our site to find the perfect treat for your needs.

Chewy carries a range of limited ingredient soft dog treats for special diet canines who prefer a softer bite, along with several dry limited ingredient dog food varieties to suit every dietary need and taste. You can also find lots of great biscuits, cookies and crunchy dog treats to fit a range of dietary restrictions, including grain-free and all-natural varieties created with dog digestive health specifically in mind. Whatever dog treats you’re looking for, you can find them at Chewy. Shop our great selection of limited ingredient diet crunchy dog treats and bring home the paw-fect reward for your best friend!

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