Horse Liniments & Poultices

Address your mane man’s pain and stiffness to help him feel ready to giddy up and go with horse liniments. There is a wide variety of horse liniments that you can apply to your buddy’s body to help alleviate pain, stiffness and soreness naturally.

There are many ways to use horse liniments to support your horse. Many horse caretakers dilute liquid liniments in water to use for a post-workout wash to help cool him down. If you apply it by hand, you can massage his muscles and identify sore or swollen areas before they become a bigger problem. Choosing a liniment that heats up the area—those containing ingredients like menthol, mints and eucalyptus—is especially important for your older horse to help him warm up before or after a workout. You can then cover the area to help the heating sensation last longer.

Horse poultices and horse liniment gels are more ways to take care of your neighing neighbor. Poultices are soft, thick pastes that can be applied to sore muscles to ease pain or wounds to allow the abscess to drain. Some poultices are made with clay, while others are made with bran or herbs. Like horse liniments, some poultices for horses are meant to cool down the area while others are used to warm it up. Horse liniment gel can be applied before a workout or as part of your setting up routine. Consult with your vet to see which ointment for horses is right to help your pal feel his best.

There are many things you can do to help your horse feel his best. Be sure to keep your horse first aid kit stocked with things to address every ailment, like horse wound care, horse bandages and wraps and horse hoof care. Explore your options for horse supplies for every facet of his life, from feed to harnesses and medicine to toys. Shop Chewy for horse health and wellness products, including horse liniments, to help your riding pal feel his best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in horse liniments?

In horse liniments, you’ll often find natural ingredients like menthol, alcohol, mint, eucalyptus and medicinal herbs. The ingredients usually differ based on whether you will use it to cool down or warm your equine pal. Some of the most popular choices have additional ingredients like calendula, echinacea and witch hazel. Reference the ingredient list for the horse liniments you are considering to see what the active ingredients are. As always, check with your vet to see if she has a recommendation.

Are horse liniments safe for humans?

Most horse liniments are not safe for humans unless usage instructions specifically say you can share. You work hard in the stable too, so it can be tempting to use a little liniment on yourself when treating your horse to some TCL, however most are not advertised for human use. If your equine pal’s liniment does say on the label that it can address your soreness, consider checking with your doctor first.

What are horse poultices?

Horse poultices are a thick paste you can apply to your horse’s body to alleviate sore muscles or help an abscess drain. Poultices for horses are often made with clay, but some are made with bran and herbs. When treating sore muscles, a poultice that cools down is helpful. If tending to a wound, consider using a horse poultice that warms up the area. Follow the manufacturer’s directions, and check with your vet to see what she recommends to help your horse.

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