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If you're a small-pet parent, you probably already know that your little furball's habitat could get pretty messy—especially if left unattended. Leaving urine and feces in your small pet's cage for a period of time will, beyond smelling foul, pose some serious health risks—such as illness and respiratory problems. And since these pets are so small, any illness can potentially be fatal. Help to keep your furball's habitat clean and safe by using a small animal litter pan. They provide a place for your pet to do her business, while keeping it away from her living quarters and making cleanup a breeze. So, once you've decided to use a small pet litter pan, how do you get your pet to use it? If you throw your small animal litter pan just anyplace, your pet might not take to it. You need to be a bit strategic with placement of the pan. Most small animals do their business in the same corner of their small pet cages. If you already have a small pet, you should know this well. Place your small animal litter pan in the corner she has already designated as a potty area, and the transition should be effortless. During this training period you may want to add some small pet cage liners to your furball's cage, so that cleaning up is incredibly easy! If you've just adopted a new pet, hold off on the small animal litter pan. Wait about a week to observe where your small pet likes to relieve herself and then place your small animal litter pan there. For many small-pet parents, your pet will immediately take to her small animal litter pan, and your work is done. If your pet doesn't take to it immediately, spend some time observing her. Is she using a new spot to do her business? Move your small animal litter pan to that spot, or even consider purchasing a second one to put there until she is used to using one. Is she sleeping in her small animal litter pan? Try adding some small pet bedding elsewhere in her cage that's more attractive than the pan. By simply watching your pet's actions, you can likely find the right solution for your individual situation. Chewy's got several small animal litter pans to choose from, including Marshall Ferret Litter Pan that's specially designed to fit a ferret's habits. The Ware Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Animal Litter Pan features a low front end for easy entry and a wired floor panel, so the mess ends up on the small pet litter and not on your furry friend's feet! Remember to shop Chewy's online pet store for the best small pet supplies!

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