Bird Nesting & Bedding

The best bird litter and nesting materials are designed to help your bird build the nest she instinctually wants. The nest provides warmth, security and comfort. Bird litter and bird nesting material should also allow for easy cleaning on a daily basis and you should also be able to easily examine your bird's droppings for possible signs of illness. Kaytee Kay Kob Bird and small Animal Natural Bedding & Litter keeps your pet bird's habitat dry and odor free. The natural corn cob bird bedding product is highly absorbent and won't stick to the bird cage. It can be used as bedding or litter for birds and small pets. Brown's Naturally Fresh! Aspen Small Animal and Bird Bedding is made from kiln-dried hardwood aspen that has been cleaned and filtered to eliminate dust and debris. This bird nesting material is odorless and shredded for comfort. Keep your feathered friend clean and happy with bird nesting material that's comfortable and recreates a habitat that she's happy to spend time in and chirp in to her heart's content. Bird cage perches are a great addition to your bird's home. And, if you really want to keep your bird entertained think about adding a few bird toys into the cage for some extra entrainment that is sure to keep them happy for hours! Shop for all of your bird supplies like bird food, bird treats and much more here at Chewy's online pet store!

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