Dog Lotion, Moisturizer & Creams

Keep your four-legged friend feeling great by nourishing their skin with dog lotions and creams from Chewy. We carry a wide range of dog grooming supplies to help you keep your canine looking and feeling their best. As the seasons change, it’s important to adjust your pup’s skin care routine. Some canines suffer from seasonal allergies during the spring, which can mean itchy eyes, skin and paws. The air conditioner in your home can dry out your dog’s nose during the summer, while the winter brings chapped paws. It’s important to check in on your dog’s skin, especially during seasonal changes, to be sure it’s getting the moisture and nourishment it needs. Without proper care, your dog’s skin can become dry, cracked and painful. Unfortunately, you can’t use human lotion or moisturizers on dogs, as they can contain harmful chemicals and ingredients that they could ingest. Dogs love to lick topical treatments off their noses and paws, so look for lotions and creams specifically formulated for dogs. At Chewy, we carry everything from dog paw moisturizer to dog lotion for dry skin to keep your canine looking and feeling great. If your pup’s got dry paw pads or hot spots, try Bag Balm Pet Paw and Nose Moisturizer. This long-lasting dog moisturizer addresses chafed, cracked and damaged skin on pets of all sizes. It’s also uniquely formulated to discourage pets from licking it. Many pet parents swear by Musher’s Secret Natural Dog Wax to protect precious paws. This natural dog wax made of white and yellow beeswax and vitamin E protects paws throughout the year. If your pup has developed an itch, consider Jax n Daisy antifungal and antibacterial dog lotion. Made with a mild antiseptic, this antifungal dog lotion helps address the causes of dermatitis, including food allergies, hot spots and flea bites. Additional ingredients, including chamomile, lavender, aloe vera, sage, vitamin E and avocado oils provide fast, soothing comfort. Keep your canine’s skin healthy and soft with dog lotion and dog pad moisturizers from Chewy’s online pet store with the best dog products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Lotion, Moisturizer & Creams

What kind of lotion is good for dogs?

The kind of lotion that is good for dogs will be specifically made for use on canines. Avoid using human products, including lotions, on your dog, as they may contain ingredients that are harmful for your pup. Choose a paw balm, itch cream or nose butter for your best friend based on what skin issue you are trying to ameliorate. Your vet may be able to recommend a product that is right for your dog's skin problems. Chewy has a great selection of dog lotions and creams for all purposes, so you should have no trouble finding the perfect one for your furry friend.

Do dogs need lotion?

Some dogs need lotion to protect and soothe inflammation or damage. Skin irritation and dryness from physical activity, fleas, skin sensitivity or allergies is not uncommon, and there are many dog lotions and creams designed to alleviate it. Paws walking on hot or icy pavement or noses out in colder temperatures may need the protective relief of a soothing balm or dog lotion, too. Talk to your groomer or vet about what lotions might be right for your dog

What are the best dog lotions?

The best dog lotions are made from canine-safe ingredients to soothe and protect skin, paws and noses. The best lotion for your dog will depend on his habits, skin type and issues, your vet may be able to recommend good options for acute or recurrent problems. Choose from protective balms for paws and noses or soothing creams made for itching, irritation and hot spots. Chewy has an excellent selection of dog lotions to handle any skin complaint that may be dogging your best friend.