Small Pet Mats

Small pets spend a lot of their time in their habitats, so you’ll want to make their spaces as comfortable and homey as possible. The easiest way to do that is to add small pet mats or beds to enhance the habitat’s style and give your pet a place to sleep and hang out. They can cover up wire flooring and provide a softer lounging surface for your pet. Whether you’re searching for rabbit cage mats or a bed for a guinea pig, you’ll find some cuddly choices at Chewy. Kaytee’s Cuddle-E-Cup Plush Small Animal Bed has a padded faux fur interior that’s luxurious, and it’s machine washable for easy cleanup. This warm little bed is great for guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas and other small animals and goes beyond a simple mat, making for a super-soft and secure resting spot. Small animals also love beds made of natural materials that they can chew on. Peter’s Woven Grass Small Animal Bed gives your pet a place where they can rest, play and hide. Made from natural, fresh grasses, this is a bed your critter can gnaw on as an additional source of fiber. Oxbow has an all-natural Timothy Club Small Animal Mat made from 100% Timothy hay, a small animal favorite. It can serve as a comfy rabbit mat or cage mat for chinchillas, guinea pigs and hamsters. The Timothy Mat contains no chemicals, wire or thread, so it’s completely edible, and it adds an element of comfort to your small pet’s habitat. Let your little pet curl up, play and rest in her very own special space with one of our small pet mats.

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