Dog Memorials & Keepsakes

For a pet parent, losing a beloved dog can be a devastating experience. You’ve cared for them as part of your extended family, and they’ve given you unconditional love and devotion. And whether you’ve known a pet since puppyhood or for just their senior years, you’ve probably shared more than a few happy and unforgettable moments. So of course you want to hang on to those cherished memories and keep them close to your heart. We understand that feeling, because we’re pet lovers, too. There are many ways to remember your pets and to celebrate their impact on your life, and some pet owners decide to commemorate their special furry family members with keepsakes like dog memorial stones, pet headstones, pet cremation jewelry or even urns for pets. And if you know someone who’s lost a pet, they might enjoy a thoughtful pet memorial gift like pet memorial plaques or special dog keepsakes.

Let’s take a look at some of the options for preserving all the fun times you’ve had with your pooch. Some pet keepsakes have room for your favorite photo of your pet with an opening to display her collar, too. There are pet memorials that have inspirational sayings or poems around the frame, and others that feature your dog’s picture next to an imprint of her paw print. You can also opt for pet memorial jewelry like necklaces, lockets or pendants with a pet photo, and some of these double as dog urns that safely store your pet’s ashes. Another nice way to pay tribute to your loved one is with pet memorial stones or pet grave markers. They’re made of weatherproof materials like resin or natural stone with a thoughtful epitaph, and you can display them inside, use them as pet gravestones, or place them on a pathway outside or in your pet’s favorite place.

No matter which way you decide to honor your loving pet, Chewy’s here to help with beautiful and commemorative pet memorial stones, dog urns, pet cremation jewelry and dog memorial plaques.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Memorials & Keepsakes

How do you honor a deceased dog?

Honor a deceased pet in a way that feels meaningful for you and your family. Memorials and keepsake gifts can be a wonderful way to remember a pet that has passed away and help your family grieve appropriately. Many people choose to display pet photos in keepsake frames inside their home as memorials, or you can get a memorial stone to mark a grave or memorial spot in your garden. You can also find urns for keeping pet ashes safe, and many are tasteful and decorative for display. Explore all your options and see which one feels right for you.

What is a dog memorial?

A dog memorial is a headstone, marker or other memorial object that can be used to remember a deceased canine. Choose from personalized memorials with pet names and dates in a variety of styles and sizes. Other memorials can include personalized plaques, keepsake photos in frames and urns for displaying ashes. Dog memorials are an important way we honor and remember our deceased canine friends.

What do you get someone when their dog passes?

Get someone whose dog has passed a sympathy card or gift to show you care. A donation to a local shelter or dog charity in their name is usually a welcome gesture, as are flowers or personalized memorial gifts. A photo of the cherished pet in a keepsake frame is a thoughtful way to help memorialize a dog who has passed away, as well.