Natural Cat Litter

A lot of people are looking to kick the clay or silicone habit in favor of renewable natural cat litter materials, and that’s great news for the environment and for our furry friends! Luckily, Chewy carries a wide range of natural cat litter products to meet every preference and need, so you can fill your cat litter boxes with a product that’s good for your cat and the ecosystem without sacrificing convenience. Natural cat litter has come a long way in recent years, with lots of new varieties available for the eco-conscious, health-conscious cat parents out there. There are litters made from wood, corn, walnut, wheat, grass and even tofu, and many of them are dust-free cat litter choices with lots of high-performance features. You can now find natural clumping cat litter in addition to traditional non clumping cat litter varieties, and you can even find several flushable cat litter options to save yourself hassle and odors. You’ll also get to choose between multiple different natural scented cat litter types or pick an unscented cat litter that controls odors using all-natural odor-absorbing ingredients but no scents. And finally, a lot of these products are naturally lightweight cat litter selections that save on fossil fuel use during shipping while saving your back in the process. Check out all the great natural litter options in addition to all your cat supplies at Chewy’s online pet supplies store.

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