Corn, Soy, & Wheat-Free Biscuits & Crunchy Dog Treats

Dog parents looking to avoid fillers and problem ingredients will love our great selection of crunchy dog treats with no corn, wheat or soy. Chewy carries a range of dog biscuits with no soy, wheat or corn in a wide variety of flavors and formulations, including grain-free, gluten-free, limited ingredient recipes and more. These tasty snacks allow you to treat your dog right without sacrificing quality and flavor.

When choosing crunchy dog treats with no soy or wheat or other common fillers, look for brands you trust and those with straightforward ingredient lists. Flavors range from meaty to cheesy to fruity and peanut-ty, so pick the tastes your pup usually prefers and experiment a little to see which varieties he likes. Crunchy dog treats with no soy, wheat or corn come in a range of different sizes, as well, so choose biscuits that are the right size for your dog’s breed.

Dogs on grain-restricted or limited ingredient diets can eat many of the no-fillers treats, but be sure to examine ingredients lists to make sure they don’t contain anything your pup isn’t supposed to eat. Some dogs on limited ingredient diets will need to avoid specific proteins, while dogs on totally grain-free diets may need to avoid other grains used in some of the corn, wheat and soy-free treats. Always consult with your vet if you’re not sure whether a treat or other foodstuff is appropriate for your pet.

We also offer no corn, wheat or soy dog food to form the healthy foundation for a filler-free diet. Limited ingredient diet crunchy dog treats are often made without soy, corn or wheat, plus they feature a single protein source for sensitive pups, as well. No corn, wheat or soy soft dog treats work well for some older dogs and those who like a softer bite, plus you can break them up into smaller pieces for training or for littler pups.
For pups who aren’t on a special diet, we carry regular biscuits, cookies and crunchy dog treats made with healthy grains in a wide variety of mouthwatering flavors. Whatever dog treats you’re looking for, you can find them at Chewy. Shop our great selection of crunchy dog treats with no corn, wheat or soy and pick up everything you need to make your pup feel special!

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