No Pull Dog Harnesses

Dogs need exercise, and daily walks are essential to their health and well-being. But while some dogs walk well on a dog leash, high-energy breeds and younger dogs who aren’t leash-trained may have a tendency to pull. This can be dangerous, as a lack of control on the leash gives pets the opportunity to lunge forward and potentially ingest something on the ground that could be harmful to them. It also prevents an owner from being able to control their dog in the event that it passes a non-friendly canine or a dangerous animal in the street. A dog who pulls on the leash can also pull their owner into the street. Walks should be a fun bonding experience and a peaceful means of exercising for dogs and their owners, not a frustrating game of tug-of-war.

Fortunately, Chewy has solutions for pet parents whose dogs pull on the leash, no matter the size of the pup. No pull dog harnesses, such as the Halti dog harness, help owners gain better control over their dogs. These are outfitted with a frontal safety clip that attaches to a leash, along with a ring on the back to attach a Halti training lead. This technology allows you to steer the dog’s chest and shoulders, which helps to stop dogs from pulling. The 2 Hounds Design Freedom no pull dog harness and leash combo also includes a second ring on the back of the harness where you can attach the two-way training leash for more control. The PetSafe Easy Walk dog harness offers belly straps and a quick-snap buckle on the shoulder for easy assembly and removal. It also comes in a variety of colors such as sparkly purple, teal and silver to add some pep to your dog’s step as he prances down the street. The Sporn Non-Pull Mesh dog harness features a veterinarian-approved, patented system. Its mesh chest piece fits snugly and moves with your dog’s body, allowing owners the ability to have better control over their pet.

Depending on your pup, no pull harnesses can offer an alternative to dog muzzles, and they can enable owners to have much more control over their dog than basic dog collars allow. For the best no pull dog harnesses and other dog supplies, shop Chewy's online pet shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions About No Pull Dog Harnesses

How do no pull dog harnesses work?

No-pull dog harnesses work by minimizing your dog’s ability to pull forward and tug hard on his lead during walks. Most have the leash attachment at the front, which changes the direction of force during pulling and guides the dog inward for greater control.

What are no pull dog harnesses good for?

No-pull dog harnesses are especially good for training and work well as an introductory harness for dogs new to leash walking. Some experts recommend against using them for sport dogs or more muscular breeds, however, while others suggest using them for a limited time during training.

What size no pull dog harness should I get?

To determine what size no-pull dog harness you should get, measure your dog’s girth around the chest. Use a flexible tape measure or a length of string and take the measurement just behind the front legs, around the largest part of your dog’s torso. Most harnesses will list sizing charts and recommended weight ranges.