Prescription Arthritis & Pain Relief Medicine for Dogs

Pain meds can ease your dog’s aches and troubles and allow him to live a happier, pain-free life. Chewy carries a wide selection of pain medicine for dogs, including medication for chronic conditions, anti-inflammatory joint pain relief for arthritis, and safe pain meds for dogs with asthma, skin conditions, IBD and more. Pain medicines come in various forms, including tablets, chewables, capsules, liquids, powder, injectables and solutions.

Talk to your vet about pain relief for dogs with age-related issues like arthritis and disease. Your vet can recommend the right prescription medication to help your pup live pain-free and stay as active as possible. Many pain relief medications offer anti-inflammatory benefits that can help with chronic conditions like cancer, arthritis, eczema and IBD. Others may be the safest choice for dogs with disorders like kidney disease and allergies.

Some pain medicines are best for temporary pain relief for dogs just out of surgery or suffering a recent injury. Your vet can advise you on these and prescribe the proper dose and duration of use for your dog. Younger dogs may benefit from relief post-injury or after a surgery, but only your vet can decide if pain meds are a safe and effective choice for your puppy.

The Chewy pet pharmacy carries all the most common prescription pain medications, along with all the other prescription dog medicine your dog needs to feel and be his best. You can also order pain relief medicine for cats and all your feline prescription medications there as well. Stock up on all the pain medications your best friend needs—it’s easy in the online Chewy pharmacy store!

Frequently Asked Questions About Prescription Arthritis & Pain Relief Medicine for Dogs

What pain meds are safe to give dogs?

Pain meds that are safe to give dogs include prescription pain relief and arthritis medicines that are specifically formulated for dogs. Never give your dog a pain medicine made for humans, even if it has a similar name to a veterinary pain medicine for dogs. NSAIDs for people can be particularly dangerous for canines, and human pain meds may be the wrong dosage or contain additives that are harmful to dogs. Talk to your vet about which pain meds for dogs may be appropriate for your dog's particular issues.

What medicine can I give my dog for arthritis?

Medicine you can give your dog for arthritis includes canine NSAIDS and other prescription dog arthritis pain relief medications for dogs. Vets also sometimes prescribe corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and swelling in arthritic joints. You will need to talk to your vet about how to safely manage your dog's arthritis. Your veterinarian will know all the best measures and medications for arthritis and will be able to prescribe the medications your dog needs to live comfortably.

What can I give my dog for joint pain or arthritis pain?

You can give your dog various medications for joint pain or arthritis pain, but anti-inflammatories are often recommended for joint disease and arthritic pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDS, can help reduce swelling, stiffness and joint pain in canines. Commonly prescribed NSAIDS for dogs with arthritis include carprofen (Novox or Rimadyl), deracoxib (Deramaxx), firocoxib (Previcox), and meloxicam (Metacam).

Your vet may prescribe a steroidal pain medication like prednisone or even recommend a non-prescription supplement, depending on your dog’s condition. Closely follow your vet’s instructions for controlling pain and never give any medicine or supplement to your dog without consulting your vet first.

Do dogs need pain meds after being spayed or neutered?

Dogs do need pain meds after being spayed or neutered, and your vet will likely prescribe a medicine for you to take home after surgery. Some common pain medications for post-spay or neuter surgery include Torbugesic and Rimadyl. Always follow your vet’s instructions closely and never give more medicine than prescribed.