Prescription Pet Arthritis Medicine for Dogs & Cats

As pets age, they can develop age-related health conditions like arthritis. Arthritis in dogs and cats can be painful and can greatly affect their quality of life in their golden years. When a pet is having trouble walking or going about their daily lives due to arthritis pain, your veterinarian may decide that it is time for a prescription arthritis medicine for dogs or cats.

These pet medications are used to help ease the aches and pains of arthritis in dogs and cats, so your pet can get back to their daily routines. Dog and cat pain medications for arthritis come in many forms, so that you can find the perfect arthritis treatment for your pet. Through the use of prescription arthritis medication for dogs and cats, you can help to improve your pet’s quality of life by allowing them to get around with less pain and go through their day more comfortably.

Chewy also carries a variety of prescription pain medication for cats and dogs to manage postoperative pain. These come in different types of flavored, chewable tablets to make it easier to give your pet the medication they need.

Chewy’s pet pharmacy makes it easy for you to order your pet meds. Our wide variety of prescription pet medications allows your veterinarian to choose the best option for your pet. These veterinary medicines come in a variety of forms, like capsules, soft chews, chewable tablets, injectables or liquid, so that your pet gets the medicine they need in a form that works for everyone. Chewy also offers dog and cat pill pockets that will allow you to turn medicine time into treat time.

No matter which type of pet medications your veterinarian prescribes, you can be sure to find them at Chewy’s online pet pharmacy. Just add your pet prescriptions to your cart and enter your vet’s information, and our dedicated pet Rx team will contact your veterinarian to verify and fill each vet prescription. That means that you can order all your pet supplies—like your cat food, dog food, cat toys or dog toys—AND your pet’s medications through Chewy. Now you can get all your dog supplies and cat supplies in one place, making it even more convenient to keep your pets happy and healthy! Just don’t forget a bag or two of dog treats or cat treats to help make medication time easier for everyone.

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