Dog Pajamas

Are you looking for a cute and comfortable dog clothes to help your pet stay cozy and warm? Dog pajamas are a great option to help your pup stay toasty on those colder days and nights. We’ve got a wide selection of dog PJs for your pets to choose from so that your chilly canine can feel pampered and snuggly. From the fleece Frisco Cozy Fair Isle Dog PJs to the cotton Fab Dog Buffalo Check Dog Pajamas, we have a pair of pajamas that will be comfortable for every size pup. Regardless of you or your furry friend’s fabric preferences, our selection of doggy PJs are all designed with elastic banding or Velcro closures to make sure you can easily get your dog in and out. They are made with your pup’s needs in mind, and have openings so that your pup can easily go out for their potty breaks in between cuddle sessions, without worrying about catching the chills. There is a variety of patterns and designs to choose from as well. Sassy, pampered canines can show off a new pair of pink polka dot or leopard print pajamas. For the dogs that prefer a more classic look, we carry the traditional plaid pajamas, which come in green or red. And for a simpler look, we have doggy PJs with solid colors, and some feature a white trim. You’ll also find more fun and vibrant patterns for pups that are looking for a little more pizzazz, like the Frisco Cozy Rubber Ducky Dog PJs. Or pick out a pair of dog pajamas with fun prints like sheep, elephants, spaceships or bananas. So, if you are looking for a fun and adorable way to keep your precious pooch cozy during colder weather, then check out our selection of dog pajamas! Just be sure to check the sizing charts to make sure you have the perfect size for your pup, because sizing varies between different dog clothes styles and brands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Pajamas

How do you measure your dog for pajamas?

Measure your dog for pajamas by getting your dog’s neck girth, chest girth and back measurements. Measure neck girth by positioning a tape measure around your dog’s neck right where he would wear a collar, remembering to leave it loose enough that you can fit two fingers under the tape. Do the same thing around the largest part of the chest, using the two-finger technique as before. The back, or topline, measurement is the length from the base of the neck to where the tail begins. Match your dog’s measurements to the sizing guide for the pajamas, and size up if your dog is in between sizes. Make sure any clothing you put on your dog is neither too tight nor too loose.