Dog-Themed Pajamas

Nothing screams "pajama party" more than matching human and dog pajamas. There are so many opportunities to dress up, or in this case, dress down with your pooch—like holidays, sleepovers and movie nights! After all, if you’re a pet parent, you know that "snuggling time" is an everyday thing, so why not get into something a little more comfy? The matching dog PJs are just as comfy as they are cute.

Not only is this a great present for yourself (and your pupper)—it's also the perfect gift for any family member or friend that’s always looking for an opportunity to put dog clothes on their pup.

Every lazy Sunday can be spent relaxing while wearing your matching human and dog pajamas. The Footed Pajamas unisex adult joggies and the coordinating Footed Pajamas dog joggies are extremely cozy one-piece loungers made from a super-soft 70/30 poly/cotton blend of sweatshirt fleece. These pajamas are bound to keep you and your pooch toasty warm for all of those stay-at-home nights. You have a choice of black, red, charcoal gray and navy blue, so if one is not enough, get different colors to switch it up.

Once you start matching with your dog, it'll be hard to stop! There are so many other ways you can coordinate with your pup for the times that you must change out of your PJs and head out the door. Chewy offers a wide selection of dog-themed accessories for both you and your pup, so there are so many opportunities to coordinate your outfits.

And even when you aren't able to bring your four-legged friend out on the town with you, you can still wear T-shirts and sweaters that have cute quotes or dog faces on them. With Chewy’s matching human and dog pajamas, plus our wide variety of dog-themed apparel, you can truly show off how proud you are to be a pet parent! Shop Chewy's online pet store for all your dog supply needs.

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