Dog Paw & Nail Care

Your pup spends a lot of time on her feet. Whether it’s a walk through the park or to the dog water bowl, your four-legged friend relies on her paws to get around. That’s why it’s important to give your pet’s paws some tender loving care. Pets benefit from having moisturized paws with dog paw moisturizer and trimmed nails from dog nail grinders, too. Find everything you need to care for your dog’s paws at Chewy. Paw and nail care products range from protective paw wax to dog nail clippers. Your dog’s paws take a beating as they run, jump and play. Protective wax like Musher’s Secret natural dog wax provides a barrier between your canine’s paws and rough terrain like hot sidewalks, snow-filled streets and sandy beaches. If dry skin is causing your dog’s paws to crack, try a dog skin moisturizer like Burt’s Bees paw lotion for dogs. Never put lotion that’s formulated for people on your dog, because they like to lick their paws and noses, and these lotions can contain hazardous chemicals for dogs. Instead, use lotions and moisturizers specifically formulated for dogs like Tomlyn Protecta-Pad deep moisturizing cream. If your dog is licking her paws and causing irritation, try Omega Paw Stop Paw Licking solution that’s formulated to clear paws of irritants like yeast, mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Fortified with vitamin E and moisturizer, this Omega Paw solution will protect and provide relief to your pup’s aching paws. In addition to protecting and healing, Chewy carries products to help pamper little paws. Your pup will be the talk of the dog park with dog nail polish from Chewy. You’ll find everything you need for proper dog nail care here, including dog nail clippers, dog nail caps and dog nail polish. Pamper and protect your pet’s paws with the best dog products from Chewy’s online pet store.

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