Peanut Butter Biscuits & Crunchy Treats for Dogs

When it comes to perennial favorite canine treats, it’s pretty hard to beat peanut butter dog biscuits for crunch, texture and tail-wagging good taste. Chewy carries a wide selection of crunchy peanut butter dog treats, including peanut butter dog cookies, crunchy dog treats with peanut butter inside, peanut butter flavored dog treats with additions like bacon and banana, and more. Whatever type of peanut butter treat your best friend’s heart desires, Chewy’s assortment has him covered!

Choose traditional peanut butter dog biscuit treats in fun shapes like bones, farm animals, paw shapes and even gingerbread men during the howl-iday season! You can find peanut butter treats that fit into special diets, too, including limited ingredient, grain-free biscuits, vegetarian, weight control and sensitive digestion varieties. Or, pick a peanut butter dog cookie treat made with supplements that aid hip and joint, skin and coat, digestive, heart or urinary tract health. You can even get pumpkin peanut butter dog biscuits made with superfood ingredients and delicious tastes.

We carry PB treats that come in small bites for pint-size pooches and larger biscuits suited for the big dawgs. Fill a favorite treat toy with a peanut butter biscuit treat instead of the regular gooey PB, to delight your pup with novelty and eliminate the usual gloopy mess afterward. Or, if you have multiple canine companions, stay well-supplied with treats by buying one of the bulk peanut butter dog biscuit boxes!

Peanut butter soft dog treats are another great way to satisfy a pup’s peanut butter craving, or simply get some dog peanut butter to give your buddy more of exactly what he wants. You can find soft or crunchy peanut butter dog dental treats to help clean your buddy’s pearly whites while he enjoys a tasty snack, or explore some of the other flavors of biscuits, cookies and crunchy dog treats. Whatever dog treats you happen to need, you can find them at Chewy. Shop our great selection of peanut butter dog biscuits and stock up on everything you need to reward your pup!

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