Dog Pee Pads

So you have a new puppy and need to tackle the looming task of potty training. Yikes! While potty training can be a chore, dog potty pads can be a great tool to use while your puppy grows. As you likely know, younger dogs are not able to hold their bladders as long as grown canines, generally needing to relieve themselves every 30 to 45 minutes. So what are you to do when leaving the home for more than a half hour through the potty training period? The answer is simple and much easier than you might suspect. Doggy potty pads are great for use while training your outdoor pup, giving him an appropriate place to relieve himself while you're away. They feature effective, built-in dog attractants that entice usage over inappropriate locations like, say, the carpet or a pet bed. And they're super absorbent, soaking up all the mess and keeping it off of your floor.For certain people, potty pads can even be a wonderful alternative to training your pup to relieve himself outside. If you live in a high-rise, have little or no lawn, or have mobility issues, and have a small dog, training your dog to use unscented dog potty pads or scented dog potty pads can be a great solution. And potty pads also work well for aging dogs who have trouble holding their bladders while you're away at work all day and not able to let them out. There are many pads out there, so where do you start? Here are some of the best sellers! Frisco Training & Potty Pads feature five layers of protection to lock in wetness with a last-line-of-defense, leak-proof plastic lining to protect floors. Wee-Wee Puppy Housebreaking Pads have a specialized quick-drying top layer that helps to prevent tracking throughout your home. Simple Solution Extra Large Training Pads are 60% larger than standard pads and protect a larger surface area—a great option for large and giant breeds. These and other disposable potty pads are all powerful solutions. But if you're looking for a washable, reusable potty pad, we've got you covered. The Simple Solution Washable Training & Travel Pad is super absorbent, environmentally friendly, and tested to last up to 300 washes before needing to be replaced—the perfect option for someone looking for a non-disposable potty pad option. Make sure to pick up your dog supplies at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Pee Pads

What are dog pee pads?

Dog pee pads are absorbent pads designed to protect your floors from urine. Dog pee pads can be used for potty training puppies or for times when you cannot take your dog outside to urinate. Dog pads can also be used to line a dog crate or carrier, and they can be used to protect furniture from accidents, as well. Dog pee pads are sometimes known as dog wee wee pads, training pads or potty pads.

What are the best kind of dog pee pads?

The best kind of dog pee pads will be absorbent, non-slip and feature leak protection to protect your floors. Odor-absorbent dog pee pads can be great for locking in odor, especially if the pad will be used in an enclosed space like a crate or bathroom. Some of the best dog pee pads for training will also include an attractant that helps guide your dog to do his business there. You can also find washable, reusable pee pads for dogs.

How do I get my dog to use a pee pad?

Get your dog to use a pee pad by leash-walking him to the pad and issuing a command like "go potty". You may need to cover a large area with the pee pads while your dog is still learning to use them. Keep walking your dog to the pads and issuing the command until he goes. Then, reward him with treats and praise to reinforce the desired behavior. With consistent training and patience, most dogs can successfully learn how to use pee pads.