Cat Pens

Cats can get into all sorts of trouble when left to wander around your home. They can get into your medicine, cleaning supplies, scratch furniture or leave accidents around the house. Cat pens and cat playpens, which are different than cat crates & kennels, are easy to construct, and create a defined area for safe play. Your feline will have enough space for fun, and you'll feel better about leaving her unwatched. Cat playpens and runs make outdoor play safe. Left on her own, your cat can get into a lot of trouble even in your own backyard. She could find her way out of your yard, or find herself in a confrontation with wild critters. An outdoor cat pen also keeps your feline friend from chowing down on your beautiful garden or messing up your landscaping. Choose between metal cat pens, plastic cat pens, stainless steel cat pens and nylon cat pens. The MidWest Collapsible Cat Playpen is great for the cat who loves to climb. With perches for your cat to climb and peer from, your cat will feel comfortable no matter where she's traveling to. The IRIS 8 Panel Exercise Plastic Pen provides your cat with plenty of space to roam and play with the best cat toys. For a stylish and portable option check out Precision Pet Products playpens. These cat playpens are great for outdoor or indoor use, easily transportable and stylish. Whether you need a cat playpen for indoor playtime, or an outdoor cat pen to keep your kitty safe, shop Chewy for the perfect pen or playpen for your pretty kitty. And while you’re at it, treat your cat with some of the best cat litter or a great new cat litter box such as a convenient automatic self-cleaning litter box. Chewy even has hundreds of great cat food options including canned cat food, freeze-dried cat food and human-grade raw cat food.

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