Dog Pens & Playpens

Dog pens give our pets the freedom of a yard with the benefit of confinement that a cage or dog crate would provide and are an affordable alternative to an electric dog fence. By creating a fenced-in play area that will give your small dog, or animal, room to move around and play in, he is likely to be less anxious when you host a dinner party that your pooch didn't get an invite to. Dog pens are also beneficial if your dog ever needs to be separated, or isolated, for a short period of time but needs more room than a dog crate can provide. Dog pens are a portable option that can be used both indoors and outdoors, making traveling with your dog simple and straight forward with portable dog pens rather than a worrisome hassle. The Frisco Dog Exercise Pen with Step-Through Door is an easy to use and collapsible dog crate that is made of sturdy metal wires with a durable coating, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. There are a variety of sizing options allowing you to find the right fit for you, your pet and your home. For the four-legged escape artist in your family, check out IRIS Nylon Mesh Security Roof for 4 Panels Exercise Plastic Pen that will prevent your dog from jumping out of his pen and crashing your party. And for those traditional dog parents Chewy carries a wide variety of dog houses which give your four legged friend a place to call their own. Whether you need a new dog leash, some more dog food or just some new dog toys Chewy's online pet store is where you can find the best dog products!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Pens & Playpens

What is the best dog pen?

The best dog pen will safely contain your pup and have features important to you. It should be sturdy and tall enough to keep your dog from escaping, and it may need to be chew-proof if your dog likes to chew. Consider whether you will need a pen for indoor or outdoor use and whether it needs to be portable. Make sure you get a pen that’s big enough for your dog to move around and play safely in, but one that’s compact enough for easy transport and storage.

Are dog pens good for puppies?

Dog pens are good for puppies, as they let you create a puppy-safe place for your little friend to play in. Pens can also help your puppy feel secure in new surroundings or around new people or other dogs. Be sure to get an escape-proof pen and always keep an eye on your puppy for safety.

How do you keep a dog playpen from moving?

Keep a dog playpen from moving by choosing a sturdy, stable model that is appropriately sized for your dog. You can add extra stability by positioning it near a wall or something sturdy for support. Some playpens—especially heavy-duty outdoor models—come with anchors you can use for added support.

What do you put under a dog playpen?

Put a protective surface under a dog playpen if you need to protect your floors. You can make a hard floor more comfortable for your dog with a rug, pad or cardboard, or use something waterproof like a plastic floor mat if you’re worried about accidents. You can use your dog playpen indoors or out without anything under it, too. Just be sure the surface is safe for your pup and that it can’t be damaged by claws or moisture.