Bird Perches & Swings

Bird perches not only provide your feathered-friend a place to rest, but they are also great for encouraging physical activity. The JW Pet Swing N' Perch Bird Toy is a simple multi-colored swing and perch. The tightly woven rope ring is designed to soothe your pet bird's tender talons without the danger of wires or stiffeners and provides a safe way to relieve bird cage boredom. There's also the Booda Large Comfy Bird Perch which is a fun and colorful rope that gives your bird a comfortable place to perch. Each end easily attaches to a wire cage and the rope holds its shape. For added comfort and warmth try K&H Pet Products Bird Thermo-Perch. The cozy perch protects your exotic bird from the harmful effects of air conditioning and drafts. It is thermostat-controlled to maintain your bird's optimum body temperature and to also help reduce avian stress. Another great option is the JW Pet InSight Sand Bird Perch. This classic bird perch is designed to give your bird's feet a workout with different grip sizes. The natural sand feel is part of the mold, which will keep your bird's nails healthy with normal wear. You can also give your pretty bird a manicure with the Living World Pedi-Perch Cement Bird Perch. This cement bird perch is an essential addition to your bird's home, as it naturally trims and maintains nails. The multi-grip wave surface promotes foot circulation and helps prevent arthritis and atrophy. In addition to a great bird perch owners have found that having some new bird toys inside the cage can help keep your feathered friend happy and entertained. So, whether you need some more bird food, bird treats or even a bird feeder Chewy's online pet store has all of the bird supplies you and your pet may need for a happy and healthy life. Shop Chewy today for great deals!

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