Personalized & Custom Dog Gifts

Show your favorite dog lover or pup how much you care with one of the great personalized dog gifts you can order at Chewy carries a range of personalized dog products, including custom dog gifts for dog people like mugs, water bottles and picture frames, plus custom dog products and personalized dog accessories like tags, leashes and collars that help people contact you if your pooch goes missing.

Custom dog mugs, tumblers and water bottles let you put a favorite pup’s pic right on the front to tell everyone who’s a good boy. They make great gifts for friends or coworkers and are a nice way to reward yourself for being a good dog parent, too. Custom dog picture frames let you pick text to accompany whatever dog photo you want to feature, and these can make lovely housewarming or new-pup gifts or serve to commemorate a deceased canine companion. Custom dog accessories like personalized collars or leashes can make great new-dog gifts for friends, as well.

Personalizing mugs and other drinkware with a pup’s likeness can help keep office mates or roommates from accidentally using or taking the wrong cup or bottle, so these make can thoughtful new-job or housewarming gifts for friends or colleagues, too. Choose from a variety of designs—from playful to artsy to minimal—to suit the personality of the gift recipient and show you put some thought into your gift.

Personalized pet gifts let the dog owners on your list know you’re thoughtful and understand their love for their pets, but some personalized gear serves a more utilitarian purpose, too. Personalized dog collars and leashes and custom dog tags can be inscribed with personal information to make getting a lost pup home easier and quicker and save you extra worry when your dog goes missing. Choose a custom dog tag to help identify your dog to strangers, or play it safe and get a collar or collar/leash combo printed with your contact info in case a tag gets lost. Chewy carries all the dog supplies you need to keep your pup safe and your dog lovers’ gift list totally covered. Check out our wonderful selection of personalized dog gifts and products and don’t forget to pick up something nice for yourself, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best personalized dog gifts?

The best personalized dog gifts are ones that reflect the recipient’s personality and the thoughtfulness of the giver. Choose a personalized gift in a style that fits the recipient’s tastes and try to pick a great photo or phrase to put on it. Most dog lovers would love a custom mug with a beloved pup portrait on there or a custom frame with a favorite photo of dog and owner. Or choose a cool custom collar with a pet name or sassy nickname printed on it. Chewy has a wide selection of dog gifts to suit all tastes and styles and many options for customization, too.

Do dogs need personalized products?

Dog’s don’t absolutely need personalized products, but things like custom ID tags and collars can help get lost pups home quickly by making owner info easy to find. Most vets recommend having a custom tag or collar with current personal information on it, even if your dog is microchipped. Personalized products also make great gifts for dog owners and are a terrific way to show off a dog-loving personality. Check out our cool selection of customizable gear for pups and people and find the perfect gifts for you, your pup, and your friends, too!

What elements can you customize?

You can personalize elements like pet name and contact info on ID tags, collars and leashes, while home goods like mugs and bottles can feature photos of a favorite pup along with graphics and text. Phrases, dates and other text can be inscribed on picture frames and other customizable home goods to make them uniquely yours, too. We feature a wide variety of personalized dog products on our site, so you can find great gift ideas for everyone on your list and the custom tags or collars your dog needs to get home safely.

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