Dog-Themed Picture Frames

When you capture your dog in a picture-perfect pose, of course you want to show off not only your dog, but also your photography skills. Instead of just filling your cell phone with an endless supply of doggie cuteness, you should share it by printing out your snapshots and displaying them in dog picture frames.

Chewy carries a variety of dog photo frames to suit any dog lover’s taste. Simple wooden dog frames go well with any room or office décor. Choose from unfinished dog photo frames for a natural, rustic look, or pick out a dog frame that’s stained in a rich brown or black finish. Or go for a classic dog frame made of glazed ceramic with an embossed paw print—there are plenty of options on our site.

Each has a dog-inspired saying, like “adopted & adored,” “top dog” or “best dog ever.” Our dog photo frames can be hung on the wall or propped up on a desk. Dog picture frames look great hanging alongside family photos in the entryway to your home or along a stairwell, or even on a side table in the living room.

You’ll find several styles of dog picture frames—some have extra decorations like appliques of text, bones or paw prints made of wood or pewter. Others have spots to display your dog’s collar under the photo, and you can even create a clay imprint of your dog’s paw to go alongside the photo in a hinged dog frame.

Shop for dog picture frames for your home or office or send them as cute dog lover gifts. Surprise a friend with a nice dog frame with their own pet’s photo already inside!

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