Aquarium Plant Fertilizer & Care

Live aquarium plants can add a natural look to your aquatic environment. Beyond aesthetics, they provide a hiding place for your fish in the fish tank while also helping to balance the ecosystem in your aquarium. When choosing aquatic plants for your fish tank, keep in mind that there will be some additional care involved. And depending on the type of plants you pick, there may be more effort required on your part. You'll need to consider that different plants will need the right aquarum lighting and the right substrate—or ground materials—to grow in and thrive. Seachem Flourite Planted Aquarium Natural Substrate Supplement is a stable porous clay gravel for natural planted aquariums, it's designed to last the life of the aquarium, never needing to be replaced. What's better than that?After choosing the aquatic plants that match your desired involvement level and matching them up to the right soil and lighting, you'll need to plant them and continue to ensure they remain healthy. There's a range of supplements available to help your aquatic plants thrive. Seachem Flourish Excel Organic Carbon Planted Aquarium Supplement and API CO2 Booster Aquarium Plant Care are great sources of bioavailable organic carbon that help aquatic plants flourish.Your aquatic plants might also benefit from a quality plant food like Aqueon Aquarium Freshwater Plant Food, made to help rejuvenate freshwater fish tank plants that might lack the proper nutrients. It replaces lost micro and macro nutrients to encourage new growth and help live aquarium plants flourish, with kelp extract included as a source of cytokinin, which promotes strong root development. Explore a range of aquarium plant care products to help make your thriving natural aquatic environment easy and fun to care for.

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