Hamster Playpens & Habitats

When shopping for a hamster habitat, you'll want to look for one with enough space for exercise, play and rest. Chewy offers a variety of hamster habitats for sale, including large hamster habitats, compact cages, enclosed hamster playpen areas and more. Here are a few things you should consider before picking out new places for your hamsters to live and play.

Hamsters love to dig and climb, so the best hamster habitats and playpens will ideally have a solid floor (not wire or rough material) and wire sides. The roomy base should have enough space for lots of soft bedding material and be made of plastic or other sturdy material to protect delicate hamster feet. Wire bars spaced closely together should prevent habitat and playpen escapes either by chewing or wiggling out, and they'll also provide a good foothold for when your hamster feels like climbing. Most hamster playpens for sale have open tops, so be sure to keep an eye on hamsters in playpens to be sure they don't escape! Plastic habitats or aquariums can work as enclosures or play areas for hamsters, as well, but you'll want to make sure they have adequate ventilation, lots of places to climb and that they're easy enough to clean.

The size of the habitat or playpen you'll need will depend on the breed of hamster you have, but a good rule of thumb to remember is that bigger is usually better when it comes to hamster enclosures. Multiple levels, ramps, tunnels and climbing surfaces can help make the cage feel roomy for your hamster, but you'll still want to have plenty of floor space to keep your hamster happy and active.

Whatever type of home you choose for your hamster, make sure it has adequate room for racing around and digging in fluffy hamster bedding as well as space for hamster toys, hamster hideouts, sleep areas and a hamster food area with a hamster water bottle for easy hydration. Ensure your hamster gets enough exercise by providing hamster wheels to run on, and consider outfitting your hamster cage with tunnels and platforms and mounting hamster chew toys to encourage healthy chewing. Chewy has all the hamster supplies you need to set up a stimulating habitat for your hamster. Shop our online site to find the perfect hamster habitat for your pet and great deals on everything that goes in it!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hamster Playpens & Habitats

What makes a great hamster habitat?

A great hamster habitat will have lots of room to roam and climb and a deep solid base for fresh bedding. For a Syrian hamster or a pair of dwarf hamsters, a cage with a footprint of 24 x 12 inches and at least 12 inches tall would be the minimum size, but the bigger, the better. A cage with a deep plastic base and wire sides would be ideal in terms of digging and climbing comfort, plus it'll be well-ventilated and relatively easy to clean. You may want to consider a multi-level cage for your hamster to provide even more room for roaming and climbing, or consider a cage with lots of tunnels and platforms.

Do hamsters like playpens?

Hamsters like playpens, and you should definitely consider getting one for your hamster. A playpen can provide extra exercise space outside of the cage and give you opportunities for extra interaction and bonding with your pet. Always be sure to supervise your hamsters in their habitat to prevent escapes.

What do you put in a hamster playpen?

Put all the things your hamster needs to play and relax in the hamster playpen. Things like toys are obvious choices, but you'll also want to put a few hideouts in there so your pets feel secure. DIY beds and hideaways work well, too; old shoe boxes, cardboard tubes and even socks can provide cozy sleep areas and playthings for your pets. You can also put some special hamster treats in the playpen for snacks, and consider putting a litter box or bedding tray in there for longer play sessions, as well.