Cat Mice & Plush Toys

What’s more adorable than watching your cat play? Watching your cat play with a cuddly plush cat toy. Chewy carries the best plush cat toys from brands like SmartyKat, KONG, Fat Cat, Yeoww! and Ethical Pet. There are different types of cat toys to meet your classy kitty’s every need. Keep your feline from feeling bored with active toys. Exercise cat toys help stimulate kitty minds, keeping them alert and active. Catnip toys are toys filled with catnip that they can kick, carry or rub up against. Catnip is not addictive, and is perfectly safe for cats to roll in, rub in or eat. Comfort toys, like small plush cat toys, can ease anxiety. It’s important to rotate your cat’s toys weekly, making only a few available at a time. If your cat has a favorite toy they like to cuddle with, make sure to make this one available at all times. Provide your cuddly cat with toys that offer a variety of uses—one they can carry, one to wrestle with, and one they can cuddle with for example. Providing interactive toys for your cat helps enhance the bond between you and your feline friend. Playing is always more fun for your kitty when you are involved. Find a variety of plush cat toys to choose from, anywhere from noise-making cat toys to crinkle cat toys or otherwise, when you shop at Chewy's online pet store for the best cat supplies.

And if your cat needs supplies or accessories beyond just toys, Chewy has a full range of cat products such as cat food, cat carriers, cat litter & cat litter boxes.

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