Puppy Treats

Are you a new puppy parent? Bringing home a new puppy changes your life forever. There’s no denying puppies are cuddly, but they also need a lot of love, attention and the right nutrients. There are special puppy supplies that can make parenting a lot easier and help your pup thrive. There are also special puppy treats and foods that make it easier to get your pup the nutrients she needs. All dogs love treats, including your cuddly puppy. The best treats for puppies are specifically formulated for their growing bodies. In addition to tasting good, puppy treats can be used for training. Puppy training treats can help you teach your pup a variety of behaviors. At Chewy.com, we carry puppy food and treats from today’s top pet brands including Purina Pro Plan, Hill’s Prescription Diet and Wellness. If your pup has skin conditions, consider Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypo-Treats made with chicken liver protein and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Another great treat for pups is Wellness soft puppy bites made with lamb and salmon. When it comes to feeding your pup, Chewy carries the best puppy food brands on the market. Consider Blue Buffalo life protection formula for puppies. This puppy chicken and brown rice recipe is full of delicious deboned chicken and ingredients that support healthy growth and development. In addition to the right food, there are tools that help you take care of your pup. Loving your pup is a lot easier with puppy training. You may decide to crate train your puppy to avoid accidents. Puppy crates help potty train your pup. Your pup might spend a lot of time in her crate as she’s being trained and you’re out for the day. Luckily there are comfy puppy beds to make your precious pup more comfortable while she’s being trained. When training your pup to go for walks, you’ll need a collar. There are many puppy collars to choose from with different designs and styles. Keep your pup clean and her coat shiny with puppy grooming and supplements. Find everything you need to provide the best care for your puppy at our online pet store.

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