Puzzles & Games for Dogs

As the saying goes, “A tired dog is a good dog,” and there are no better dog toys to help stimulate your dog mentally and help them expend that extra energy than dog puzzle toys. These stimulating dog toys are great for playtime because they will engage your dog’s senses and brain power. The Trixie Activity Flip Board Interactive Dog Toy is sure to capture your pup’s curiosity as they sniff out treats hidden in the various compartments. Your pup will have to use her intellect to not only find the hidden dog treats but also work out how to get to them. For dogs that really want a challenge, you can try the Trixie Activity Poker Box Interactive Dog Toy, which will teach your dog how to maneuver lids, flaps, knobs, ropes and drawers in order to get to his dog treats or dog food kibbles. Interactive dog toys can also be used to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Using a game like the Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Dog Game during your routine playtime will allow you to work with your dog to solve three different types of puzzles to receive yummy rewards. For dogs that enjoy plush dog toys, there are even soft dog puzzles available, like the ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy. Your fur pal will have to use his nose and brain to remove the squeaky hedgehog dog toys from the den. If your dog requires more durable dog toys, you can try the Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Dog Toy. This tough dog toy is made out of highly durable polyethylene and can be used for solo playtime or playtime together. Your dog will expend all their energy and stimulate their brain as they work to free the small ball within the larger ball. So if you are looking for new dog toys to take playtime to the next level or to provide more mental stimulation for your furry friend, dog puzzles and interactive dog toys are sure to get your dog up and moving while engaging all their senses.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Puzzles & Games for Dogs

Are puzzle toys good for dogs?

Puzzle toys are good for dogs, as they can stimulate both mental and physical activity. Dog puzzle toys can also keep your pup engaged in play for longer, so he won’t get bored as quickly. Puzzle toys are also sometimes good for growing puppies, as they help them learn problem-solving skills and pique that natural puppy curiosity.

What are the best dog puzzle toys & games?

The best dog puzzle toys and games will be difficult enough to keep your best friend stimulated, but not so hard that he becomes frustrated or gives up. Puzzle toys that hide treats within different compartments tend to be very popular with dogs. Maze-type puzzle toys are another good choice, and some of these can be used as slow feeder devices, as well. You can also find plush puzzle toys that hide smaller toys within as rewards. Most dogs love hunting for their treats and toys, so try out a few different types of puzzle toys and see which ones your pup likes best!

How do I get my dog interested in puzzle toys?

Get your dog interested in puzzle toys by first showing him how to use them, so he can learn. Most dogs will pick up on how to play with puzzle toys quickly, but you may need to keep demonstrating for a bit to help your best friend catch on. If your pup still doesn’t seem too interested in his new toy, try hiding a more odorous or high-value treat—soft chews and jerky work well for this—to help motivate him and give him better scent cues for solving the puzzle.