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Cats are pretty clever, and because they’re prey-driven, they need cat toys that provide physical and mental stimulation to keep them from getting bored. If you have an inside kitty, you can keep her active by stocking your home with plenty of interactive cat toys for indoor cats. Cat puzzle toys are always a hit with felines, and they’re great for multi-cat households because they can all play at once. Chewy carries a variety of “hide-and-seek” puzzle games that let cats practice their hunting skills as they seek out hidden toys trapped inside. The SmartCat Peek-a-Prize Toy Box is a durable wood toy with holes that kitties can stick their paws through. You can put all sorts of small cat toys inside, like small mouse cat toys or cat toy balls. Kitties also love interactive cat toys like the Catit Senses Super Roller Circuit. It features a motion-activated ball that lights up as cats bat it around the curved track. Bergan’s Turbo Star Chaser also features an LED ball that rolls around a circular track, but in the center is a cardboard cat scratcher that doubles the fun. Just add a sprinkle of catnip to the cat scratcher to keep your cat playing and pouncing for even longer. If you’re looking for a toy that moves on its own, try PetSafe’s FroliCat Pounce. A mouse cat toy zips around the track, hiding under the tunnels and then racing back and forth unpredictably. This electronic toy has four speed settings and a timer for when you can’t be at home to play with your whiskered friend. Food-motivated cats won’t be able to get enough playtime in with our cat food puzzles. They’ll have to use their paws and noses—not to mention their brains—to find all of the toys that are hidden in the secret compartments. Cat puzzle feeders can also help overeaters slow down and work for their dry food pieces. Interactive cat toys that make kitties think and move around are good for your cat’s mental and physical health. They’re perfect for homes with several cats and single-cat homes, and they make the ideal kitten toys. Shop Chewy today and stock up on the best cat toys, as well as cat treats, cat water fountains and cat collars.

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