Dog Raincoats

On stormy days, a dog raincoat is just what your pup needs to stay dry and warm. We've all heard of that saying, "when it rains, it pours," and that's especially true for rainy seasons. A storm can hit at any moment while you're out and about on your daily walk so it is good to have the proper dog clothes. If you and your dog are not prepared and not dressed appropriately, you might end up getting soaked. But with the right dog outdoor gear, your dog can continue on his walk without getting his fur and paws wet. That means you can still enjoy your walks and stay dry, no matter the weather conditions. If you take your pup out at night in the rain, dress him up in a dog raincoat that has reflective tape to keep him safe and visible to traffic. The PetRageous Designs London dog slicker raincoat is a waterproof dog raincoat that has two thick strips of reflective tape along the back. Does your dog come back inside all muddy whenever he goes out in the rain? Not to worry—the material in this dog raincoat is made for rainy weather, so you can easily wipe it clean whenever your dog has too much fun in the mud. And if you have to dress your dog up before walking around the neighborhood, you might as well put him in something that will make everyone stop to tell you how cute he looks while splashing in the puddles. The Frisco Ducky dog raincoat has an adorable rubber ducky print that can brighten any drizzly day. This dog raincoat is conveniently made with a leash hole that has fabric flap over it to keep your pup’s fur from getting wet. Our wide selection of dog raincoats will ensure that your walks never have to be cut short again. And when the rain goes away and the chilly weather comes in at full force, you can shop our dog winter coats to keep your pet nice and toasty. Find all these and more on Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Raincoats

Do dogs need raincoats?

Dogs don’t need raincoats, strictly speaking, but they can be helpful for walking your dog in inclement weather. Raincoats can help keep your pup warm and dry when it’s raining, and they can be very useful in getting rain-averse dogs to go out in the rain for potty purposes, too.

What is the best dog raincoat?

The best dog raincoat will cover your canine from head to tail so he doesn’t get wet on rainy walks. Look for lightweight, comfortable and waterproof dog raincoats with hoods you can pull back for comfort when the rain stops. Reflective materials can add extra safety, especially during night walks, and a covered leash hole will help prevent uncomfortable leaks.

Do dogs like and tolerate raincoats?

Most dogs like raincoats and enjoy the dryness and warmth they provide in inclement weather. Dogs who aren’t used to wearing clothes may take a little while to acclimate, but most come to appreciate the added protection during walks. Choose a raincoat with the right fit and coverage, and always watch for signs of distress whenever your dog is wearing clothing.