Dog Recovery Aids & Treatments

Seeing your dog in pain is hard for any pet parent. All you want to do is see your precious pup healed and back to her normal self. Thankfully, there is pain medication for dogs and dog first aid to help your dog cope with her injury and heal faster. Chewy carries all the dog healthcare products you need to provide dog pain relief and recovery to your pet. If you have a playful pup on your hands, she might get the occasional scratch or cut. Dog wound care is very important to prevent infection. Keeping dog first aid kits in your home and car is a good way to prepare for the occasional accident. One of the best ways to protect your best friend’s bruises, cuts and scrapes is with dog bandages and wraps. With a tensile strength of 16 pounds, Andover Healthcare PetFlex dog bandage is self-adhering and resistant to abrasion and shredding, making it the perfect bandage for active pets. Dog’s who are in pain often have decreased appetites. Dog appetite stimulation is an important part of your dog’s recovery. She needs to eat to stay strong and recover faster. Feed your injured dog prescription dog food to get her the additional nutrients she needs to recover quickly. Dog foods like Hill’s Prescription Diet joint care dog food contain nutrition to promote strong joints. In addition to supporting their recovery with the right dog food, dog vitamins and supplements can boost bodily functions like your dog’s immune system, digestion or joint health. If your canine is limping, has difficulty moving, is irritable and seems more tired than usual, she might have dog arthritis. See your veterinarian for dog arthritis treatment if your dog has these symptoms. If your dog can’t stop licking her wound, she may need a cone. Dog cone collars create a protective barrier to stop dogs from obsessively licking their wounds and delaying recovery. Dog pain relief and recovery is one of the most important responsibilities pet parents have. Give your canine companion the best care with the right first aid products from

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