Dog Cones & Collars

Whether it’s because your dog’s been neutered, spayed or injured, most dogs will wear a dog cone at some point in their life. While dogs don’t enjoy wearing dog cone collars, they are very important to dog wound care. Dog cones were created to stop dogs from licking or scratching wounds, incisions or other skin irritations. Canines lick their wounds instinctively, which can lead to infections and bacterial growth. Dog neck cones stop dogs from obsessing over their wounds and can prevent infections. If your dog has surgery or injures herself, dog recovery cones can help her heal faster. From Large dog cones for big breeds to small dog cones for tiny pups, Chewy has a wide variety of dog cone collars for your pet. Unlike those uncomfortable plastic cone collars of the past, Chewy carries more comfortable options like the KONG Cloud Collar for dogs. Designed for dogs healing from surgery, rashes or wounds, this recovery collar is made of comfortable, machine washable fabric. At, you’ll find everything you need for proper dog healthcare. It’s good for your dog to be active and playful, but it can get her into trouble. As a pet parent, dog first aid is very important. Dog first aid kits are good to keep at home and with you when you’re on-the-go. Kits like the Kurgo pet first aid kit have everything you need to take care of your pet in an emergency. This kit contains 50 items essential to first aid including dog bandages and wraps. One way to keep your pet safe and help her avoid injury is to keep her on a leash when out. There are many comfortable and secure dog harnesses, leashes and collars to keep your pet safe. While your dog heals from their injury, they may need dog vitamins and supplements too boost healing. If that is the case, prescription dog food may be able to provide the nutrition she needs to heal faster. A dog injury is a scary thing, but you can help your friend heal faster with the right dog cone collars and health supplies from

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Cones & Collars

What do dog cones and recovery collars do?

Dog cones and recovery collars keep pups from licking or scratching at a wound, surgical site or dressing. Dog recovery collars are an important tool in preventing infection or injury after a surgery or stitches. Be sure to keep your dog's cone on for as long as your vet recommends and to keep it clean for your pet's safety and comfort.

What size recovery cone should I get for my dog?

Get your dog a recovery cone or collar that is the proper size for his neck and neck-to-snout length. To know which size to get, start by measuring your dog's neck circumference—or use his collar measurement—and then measure the length from the base of the neck to the tip of the snout. Compare these measurements to the size guide for the particular collar you are considering.

What are the best recovery cones and collars for dogs?

The best recovery cones for dogs will keep wounds and sutures safe without causing excessive discomfort. Soft and flexible plush or fabric recovery collars offer greater comfort and flexibility than some plastic cones, but they may not protect as well and can block peripheral vision. Inflatable recovery collars are better for short-nosed dogs and those who are afraid of larger e-collars, but they may leave lower body and face wounds vulnerable to licking and scratching. Talk to your vet about good recovery collar options before you decide.

What can I use instead of a dog cone?

You can use a soft or inflatable recovery collar instead of a dog cone. Recovery suits can also be a good alternative to a dog cone. Elizabethan collars, also known as e-collars or cones, come in flexible fabric and blow-up versions that may be more comfortable than traditional plastic dog cones.