Cat Cones & Collars

As a parent, your pet relies on you for proper cat healthcare. She can’t speak for herself, so your purring pet needs you to help her with everything from cat first aid to ensuring she gets the right nutrients. Caring for an injured cat can be challenging. Help your cat heal faster and avoid infection with cat cone collars from Cat recovery cones are an important part of cat wound care. The right cat collar can prevent your pet from licking, chewing or scratching a surgical site or injury. While many cats initially hate wearing cat cones, most cats quickly become accustomed to wearing them. Your cat will eventually get used to wearing cat neck cones, but it’s important to supervise her for the first few hours to make sure she doesn’t get a paw stuck in it or injure herself as she adjusts to her new accessory. Gone are the days where plastic cat cone collars were the only option. At, you can shop cat cone collars in a variety of sizes and styles. Now, pet parents can find small cat cones made with comfortable fabrics. One great small cat cone option is the KONG Cloud Collar. This cat collar looks like a travel neck pillow. Designed to help cats heal from surgeries, injuries and rashes, it’s comfortable to wear and won’t block peripheral vision or the ability to enjoy eating or drinking. For larger cats, there are large cat cones made of soft fabrics your cat won’t mind wearing while she heals. Consider the ZenPet ZenCollar inflatable recovery cat collar. Besides cat collars, keeping cat first aid kits in your home and car can help you care for an injury quickly when you can’t get to a vet right away. A good first aid kit will contain cat bandages and wraps. In addition to healing your pet from the outside, it’s important to care for your cat’s insides. Cat vitamins and supplements provide the nutrients your cat needs to boost their health and remain happy and strong. If your cat doesn’t like taking pills, prescription cat food is a great way to feed them additional nutrients they might need. Whether you’re shopping for cat leashes and collars or cat cones, find everything you need for your cat at

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