Cat Repellents & Training Aids

Your curious cat loves to wander and explore. As a pet parent it's good to encourage your feline friend to embrace his instincts, but not at the expense of your clothes or furnishings. While your cat is becoming used to his environment he may exhibit behavioral issues. Stress and other factors can cause him to scratch, claw, chew or urinate where he shouldn't, causing damage to your possessions and harm to himself. Whether it's your dining room, your yard or your closet, Chewy can help with safe and effective outdoor and indoor cat repellent. A cat repellent is a device or spray used to discourage your curious cat from entering an area they don't belong. Not to worry if your kitty does have an accident, Chewy carries a wide variety of cat stain removers which will make cleaning up a breeze and your furry friend will be back to getting comfortable with his new home. Indoor cat repellents can help keep cats away from ingesting dangerous cleaning products and prescription medications. Outdoor cat repellent can keep your cat from digesting dangerous plants, and ruining your landscaping. Kitten training is made easier with pet deterrent cat training productsPetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent Training Aid uses a motion sensor to deliver an odorless, safe spray whenever your feline crosses a line to an off-limit area. Besides sprays and motion sensors, sticky pads can work to keep your cat away. The SmartCat Sticky Paws product is a transparent adhesive training aid that doesn't leave behind a sticky residue. It's easy to apply and remove. Simply place it on off limit areas to discourage your cat from clawing and pawing. By discouraging him from behaviors and activities dangerous to him, you can keep him safe while you're away. Try the PetSafe ScatMat Electronic Pet Training Mat. This unique pet deterrent device is a completely safe but annoying three-second burst of static pulse whenever a four-footed friend sets his paws on it. Keep your purring pet away from your valuables, and away from danger, with cat repellent spray and training aids from Chewy. Whether you need a new cat tree, some new cat litter, a new cat house or just a new bag of cat food, Chewy's online pet store has all of the best cat products you may need!

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