Aquarium Replacement Bulbs

Aquarium lighting is essential, but these light fixtures will need to be replaced after their life span. Fish tank LED lights are energy efficient, and if handled correctly, they’re expected to last for a long time. Aquarium LED lighting has different color spectrums that provide various enhancements and effects. For this reason, it’s important to know about each one before replacing a bulb to ensure you’re getting the right one. Freshwater fish tank LED lights come in a variety of colors, like white, royal blue or magenta. They can be one tone or combined for bonus effects. The less intense white LED aquarium lighting enhances red, yellow and orange tones and is excellent for strong growth in your tank, as well as supporting photosynthesis. The more powerful white light complements silver, blue, black and green colors and is a good choice for tanks with a large quantity of fish. This tone can be combined with blue or magenta aquarium lighting. If you combined this with blue LED aquarium lighting, it will give off a deepwater appearance and will provide added shimmer to blue, green and red tones. If you’re interested in something for your freshwater tank that has a lot of plants and fish, the combination of white and magenta could be the best choice for you. This will encourage plant growth and help them reach their color peak. This combination will enrich green, red, yellow, blue and orange colors. The royal blue fish tank LED lights used alone are the perfect choice for fluorescent fish and will definitely give them a pop of color. The magenta aquarium lighting, which can be used by itself or combined with white and blue aquarium lighting, is ideal for planted aquariums and boosts red, green, blue and pink aquarium inhabitants. Saltwater fish tank LED lights have the same tones available, but also have an LED aquarium lighting combination that gives you the opportunity to fit your aquarium’s color necessities perfectly. The less intense white LED aquarium lighting enriches blue, red, orange and green tones and is great for coral and macro-algae growth. The more powerful white light enhances blue, purple, pink and magenta colors. The royal blue light by itself is great for deep tanks and heightens blue, green, orange and pink fluorescent colors. You can combine white and blue LED aquarium lighting to boost coral growth. There’s also blue and magenta, which is a great mix to keep your coral vibrant and colorful, enhancing blue, purple, orange, yellow and green colors. The most popular mix for saltwater is the LED combination that enriches all colors and is great for any tank.

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