Dog Rope & Tug Toys

Tame that urge to chew up your shoes and furniture with dog rope toys and tug toys from Chewy. On Chewy, pup parents can find everything they need to tug and play with a cuddly canine. These dog toys are a great way to support healthy doggie teeth and gums. Prevent health issues down the line, by helping your pup take care of their canine teeth. When it comes to dog rope and tug toys, there’s no shortage of options. USA Bones & Chews offers a product that combines the bone flavor dogs love with the tugging action they enjoy. Both the cotton blend rope and bones are made in the USA, and USA Bones & Chews uses no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Their dog toys are never treated with chemicals, bleach or formaldehyde which makes for one of the best dog rope toys on the market. The KONG Jumbler ball is a perfect dog tug toy. The KONG Jumbler is a two-in-one ball and tug toy, making it a cost-effective way to encourage dog play. The interior tennis ball and loud squeak motivate play, while the handles turn it into a tug toy. The Jumbler also stands up to the KONG tough play standards you’re used to. Mammoth dog toys is another top rated dog toy brand offering a variety of tug and rope toys. The Mammoth TireBiter Tire Dog Toy is a fun tool for pup play. The tires are made tough with natural rubber and two-ply nylon. The TireBiter dog toy is perfect for interactive playing, tossing and togging. Find Mammoth, KONG, Ethical Pet and more top rated rope and tug toy brands on Chewy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Rope & Tug Toys

Are rope toys safe for dogs?

Rope toys are safe for dogs, but be sure to get ones that are sturdy enough for your dog's chewing style and the right size for his breed. Choose rope toys that are made specifically for dogs so you can be sure they are made of safe, non-toxic material with no parts that may present a choking hazard. Cotton and nylon rope toys can usually stand up to lots of excited chewing, or look for heavy-duty rope toys if you have a particularly vigorous chewer. Your vet can provide additional tips on safety with any kind of dog toy.

What are the best dog rope toys?

The best dog rope toys vary depending on your pet's needs, age, chewing style and preferences. Look for sturdy rope toys for vigorous chewers, or try a flossing or dental rope toy to help clean your best friend's teeth. Knotted rope toys add interest during chew sessions and are also good for playing tug-of-war. You can also find rope toys with ball components that make them even better for throwing and fetch. Plush rope toys are easy on delicate teeth and perfect for many puppies and senior dogs. Experiment with different rope toys and see which ones work best for your pup!

Can you wash dog rope toys?

You can wash many dog rope toys, but check the package instructions before you try out any cleaning method. Many rope toys can be machine washed or immersed and then microwaved for a minute to kill pathogenic bacteria, mold and yeast. Hybrid rope toys with balls or other attachments may not be machine or microwave-safe, so always follow the care instructions closely.

What are dog rope toys made of?

Dog rope toys are made of a variety of different materials. Many dog rope toys are made from woven cotton rope, or they may use a rope made of nylon. Natural fibers like hemp, jute and canvas are commonly used in canine rope toys, and some feature leather or fleece components, as well. Be sure to check the rope toy package before you buy to see if its construction, materials and size are right for your dog's chewing style and breed.