Cat Scratch Pads & Boards

It's no surprise that cats love to scratch! So getting your feline the ultimate cat scratch pad to satisfy her instinctual need to scratch is ideal if you don't want your furniture to get destroyed. There are so many different cardboard cat scratchers, which means your feline friend can always have something new and exciting to paw on. There are cat scratchers infused with catnip, pads that provide the perfect balance of scratch and lounge, and interactive cat toys that will give your kitty a productive and fun play and scratch session. Many scratch boxes also have catnip included for you to sprinkle on top, so your cat will be even more encouraged to scratch on that instead of furniture. Why get just one cat scratch pad when you can get a variety? If you provide your cat with different surfaces to scratch, it will help decrease destructive scratching at home even more (your couch thanks you!). The SmartyKat Super Scratcher is the perfect cardboard cat scratcher to introduce your cat to since it's infused with organic catnip. Catnip should draw her in, and the satisfaction she gets from clawing on it will make her never want to leave its side! Now that your furniture is in the safe zone, you can also get a cardboard cat scratcher that complements your scratch-free décor. The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge has a curved, modern design that provides your feline a place to scratch, hide and lounge. You can also try the KONG Naturals Cat Scratcher, which is at a perfect incline for your cat's natural scratching position. You can keep your cat’s environment fun and exciting by getting cat scratch pads that offer your cat different scratching surfaces to claw on—like the Petlinks Dream Curl Multi-Surface Scratcher with Catnip Cat Toy, which has carpet and sisal. You can also introduce your cat to interactive cat toys that have scratch pads in them! The Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy will be your cat's new go-to cat toy; it has a cardboard cat scratcher in the middle and a ball track around the edge. Now you can get the new couch you've always wanted with the confidence that your cat will scratch where you please at Chewy’s online pet store where you will find the best cat supplies & accessories such as the best dry cat food, canned wet cat food, and the best flea treatment & medicine for cats, including flea collars for cats and cat flea pills.

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