Dog Seat Belts & Restrainers

Everybody knows that you need to put a seat belt on when traveling in cars, but what about our pets? Chewy has a wide selection of dog seat belts that will help you make sure your favorite canine companion is secure and safe while traveling in the car. Dog car seats and dog car seat belts come in a variety of designs, which means that you can find one that secures your pet while also keeping them comfortable. For pet parents who want to keep their pet secured in the back seat, you can try the Dogit Car Safety Dog Belt, which can be buckled directly into the regular seat belt buckle. The EzyDog Click Adjustable Seat Belt Restraint is another dog car restraint option that can be attached to any dog collar to keep them safely restrained in the back seat. They are both also adjustable, so you can decide how much freedom your pup can have to move around while you are driving. Chewy also offers zip-line style dog car restraint options, like the Kurgo Leash/Zipline Combo and the Solvit PupZip Vehicle Zipline, which will keep your pet confined to the back seat of your car, but will also allow them a bit more freedom of movement. The zip-line cord can be connected to any two points in your car, from the side handles to the seat belt straps, in order to restrain your pet but also give them space to sit and lie down comfortably. To help your dog travel in comfort, you can also try a dog harness made specifically for car travel. The EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness and the HDP Car Dog Harness & Safety Seat Belt are both great options because they are fully adjustable so you can get the best fit. Both dog car harnesses can be secured with a regular car seat belt, dog seat belt restraints or zip-line dog car restraints. So if you want to make sure your pet is safe and secure while traveling, check out Chewy's dog travel and dog car products to find dog seat belts and restrainers plus find the best pet supplies and dog products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Seat Belts & Restrainers

What is the best device to keep dogs secured in cars?

The best device to keep dogs secured in cars is a dog seat belt that attaches to a collar or harness. You can find styles that snap into the seatbelt buckle and types that latch overhead to give your dog freedom to move around. Choose a canine seat belt with sturdy hardware and consider a chew-proof design or buckle protector if your dog likes to nibble or try to escape.

How do you use a dog seat belt?

To use a dog seat belt, simply clip the belt to the seat belt straps, seat belt latch or overhead handles using the attachments provided. Then, just attach the belt to your dog’s collar or harness. Be sure to follow the included instructions for the particular seat belt you’re using and test to make sure your dog can’t unlatch the fasteners while you’re in transit.

What do I do if my dog doesn't like his dog seat belt?

If your dog doesn’t like his seat belt at first, have patience and try a few tricks to get him used to it. Positive reinforcement with treats or toys to distract may help, and you can practice strapping him in and going for short trips to help him acclimate.