Car Seat Covers for Dogs

When it comes to traveling with your pup, it is always important to have the right dog supplies readily available. Dog car seat covers are a great way to keep your pet comfortable and keep the amount of dog hair that’s stuck to your car seats down to a minimum. Chewy offers a variety of dog seat covers in different styles, fabrics and sizes from small dog seat covers to large dog seat covers, so that you can make sure you have the right fit for not only your car and your pup, but also your car travel needs. If you are using a dog car barrier you can try the Arf Pets Waterproof & Non-Slip SUV Cargo Liner. This waterproof, quilted liner will protect the interior of the cargo space in your car from pet accidents, scratches and spills and makes cleaning up dog hair a whole lot easier. If you tend to keep your dog in the back seat of your car, you have quite a few styles of dog seat covers to choose from. Plush Paws dog car hammock to keep your car interior protected and your pet from falling into the gap between the front and back seats. The Elegant Comfort Quilted Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover will ensure that your car seats maintain their pristine condition, while still allowing for passengers to sit comfortably when your dog is not traveling with you. The fabric prevents pet hair from sticking, so you can easily clean and vacuum to keep your car clean. If you want a single seat cover, Chewy has some great options to choose from. The Kurgo CoPilot Seat Cover is designed to snugly fit over the car seat and protect both the front and back. It also has a convenient pocket in the front for storage of car supplies—or maybe even some of your pup’s favorite dog treats. The Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Bucket Seat Cover has an elasticized base and multiple attachment straps to make sure it fits securely and stays in place. So no matter what kind of dog seat covers you are looking for, check out what Chewy has to offer to keep the interior of your car looking its best plus find the best pet supplies and dog products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Seat Covers for Dogs

What is the best car seat cover for dogs?

The best car seat cover for dogs will protect against dirt, hair, moisture and claw damage while being comfortable for your pet. Look for dog car seat covers with seat belt openings for a safety harness or other canine restraint features that ensure the safety of your best friend. Choosing a machine-washable car seat cover will make care simple and easy, as well.

Do dog seat covers work?

Dog seat covers work to protect your car seats and make car rides more comfortable for your pup. The best dog seat covers will protect against water and claw damage as well as dirt and grime. Dog car seat covers can also help your dog feel more at ease during car rides and help keep him from sliding around.

How do I install a dog car seat cover?

Install a dog car seat cover according to the directions on the product’s package. Different car seat covers will attach to your seat in different ways. Many dog car seats, including hammock-style seats, will anchor to the head rests using straps and other fasteners. Always follow all instructions closely and inspect your dog seat covers regularly for signs of wear.

How do I clean dog car seat covers?

Clean dog car seat covers according to the manufacturer’s directions. Many dog car seat covers are machine washable for easy care.