Prescription Pet Seizure & Epilepsy Medicine for Dogs & Cats

It can be terrifying to witness your pet having a seizure. Pet parents often feel helpless and confused about what to do to help their pet the moment a cat or dog seizure is happening. There can be many different causes of seizure in dogs and cats, including trauma, genetic disorders, toxins, brain tumors, kidney failure, liver disease, strokes, anemia and so on. The only way to determine the true causes of seizure in dogs and cats is to have your pet evaluated by your veterinarian. A cat or dog having seizures could be a symptom of a life-threatening condition that needs immediate attention, or it could be epilepsy, which is a chronic neurological disorder. Your vet will administer treatment for a cat or dog seizure based on their diagnosis of the cause. While epilepsy isn’t a condition that just goes away, there are specially formulated pet medications that can be prescribed by your veterinarian to help control seizures in dogs and in cats. Anti-convulsant pet medications help treat epilepsy in dogs and cats by controlling the severity and frequency of seizures and decreasing abnormal activity in the brain. Some are formulated to be used alone or in conjunction with other anti-seizure pet medications, and some are used solely in addition to other treatments. These veterinary medicines come in capsules, liquid form and even chewable tablets with enticing flavors like liver. If your vet prescribes epilepsy medicine for your pet, you can order this and all of your pet medications online through Chewy’s pet pharmacy. It works the same as ordering your regular pet supplies—you just find your pet Rx and add it to the cart. You will be asked to enter all of the vet and prescription information during the checkout process, and Chewy will contact your vet for approval. Then you’ll receive your pet medications with your regular Chewy orders. You can even add veterinary medicines to your Autoship to make sure your pet gets the treatments they need to manage their seizures. Chewy’s pet pharmacy also carries many other pet medications including prescription flea medication, prescription antibiotics for dogs and cats, and prescription heartworm medicine.

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