Service Dog Vests & Harnesses

Service dogs and emotional support dogs can provide a variety of assistance in everyday tasks such as helping people with disabilities to pick up items on the ground and navigate everyday obstacles, or alerting their handlers of low or high blood sugar levels. But in order to do their jobs, service dogs and therapy dogs need to remain alongside their handlers, whether that means accompanying them on an airplane, in a store or at a restaurant. Outfitting your service dog in a service dog harness is a great way to communicate to the public that your dog is a trained service dog. These products will not only help your pet to enter places of business and public transit systems, but will also keep people from approaching your dog and petting him or distracting him from performing a designated task.

Chewy offers a variety of service dog harnesses that help to identify your pet as a service dog, such as the Doggie Stylz service dog harness, which is outfitted with reflective strips, removable patches, and a nylon top control handle. The Chai’s Choice service dog vest harness has cushioned straps and a padded inner layer that is durable enough to live up to the rigorous standards of active service dogs. And the Dogline Unimax multipurpose service dog harness comes with a removable chest plate that works to evenly distribute the force of a dog.

These service dog harnesses attach to a dog leash and not only provide a means of identifying your dog as a service dog, but also give you the ability to comfortably walk your pup without having to rely on a traditional dog collar. These specialized dog harnesses come in a variety of colors and styles. Shop Chewy for a variety of service dog products, dog supplies and pet products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Service Dog Vests & Harnesses

How do you put on a service dog harness?

Put on a service dog harness by following the instructions included with the product you choose. Most service dog harnesses sit on the back and fasten around the belly and chest with straps, but the design of the harness you choose may be slightly different. You can often find demonstration videos online that show how to properly fasten and secure a service dog harness.

What color should a service dog vest be?

A service dog vest should be any color you choose, as there are no official requirements for a service dog to wear a certain color. Traditionally, service dog vests are often red or blue, but service vests and harnesses come in a range of colors and styles. You may prefer a brighter color if you want to make sure people know your dog is a service dog when you go out.

Can any dog wear a service dog vest?

Any dog can wear a service dog vest, but that doesn’t mean they should. Service dog vests are intended for dogs who have undergone specific training, and they perform a very important function for the people who rely on them. Putting your dog in a service vest if he is not a trained service dog can lead others to think your dog has this specialized training and potentially cause a dangerous situation for everyone around.