Service & Support Dog Harnesses, Vests & Patches

Service dogs significantly impact the quality of life of their owners. In the U.S., a service dog primarily refers to a dog trained to help a person who has a disability. Service dogs help people with disabilities gain more independence and enjoy activities they’d otherwise not be able to do. These highly trained dogs can help with a wide range of disabilities including visual impairment, seizures, diabetes, mobility issues, hearing impairment and mental disorders. Service dogs can also refer to dogs that work for the police, military and search and rescue services. Whether you are training or own service dogs, it’s important to dress them in proper service dog vests to alert the public that they aren’t a normal pet. This is important for multiple reasons, but service dogs are allowed to go into areas typical pets are not. That can include restaurants, airplanes, doctor’s offices, malls and more. This is made easier when the dogs are wearing service dog vests. Owning service dog harnesses and vests will make it easier to take your pet into generally off-limit areas. If you have a tiny pet, a small service dog vest will fit them just right and help the public identify why your pet is allowed to go into areas pets are not typically allowed. The Doggie Stylz service dog harness is a small service dog vest that’s perfect for training dogs who will be working in therapy, medical alert, law enforcement and other service fields. Service dog patches are important, because they remind the public not to pet your service dog. Strangers will want to pet your service animal, but this can negatively impact and derail training. The right service dog supplies can prevent delays in your service dog’s learning. If you are training a service dog, you will need the right dog training supplies. Dog training collars can help you in your service dog training exercises. The best dog training books offer expert tips on how to train your service dog faster and better. Certain service dogs require agility training. The right dog agility training equipment can help in the training process and make it easier to do so from home. Sport dog training equipment like leashes, whistles, dummies and clickers all assist in the service dog training process. Get all the dog supplies you need to train and protect your service dog at

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