Service Dog Patches

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Service Dog Patches

Service dogs perform a variety of important functions for their owners. But in order to properly do their jobs, a service dog, support dog or therapy dog needs to be able to freely travel wherever their owner goes. They should also be outfitted with some sort of visible service dog ID that helps to communicate to the public that they are not just pets but working and certified service dogs.

Chewy sells a variety of service dog patches that can attach to an accessory such as a service dog harness or dog backpack and can help to establish that your dog is in fact a service dog or therapy dog. Service dog patches can also convey important phrases such as “do not pet” and “in training.” These labels are important, as you don’t want someone running up to pet your dog, thus distracting them from their training or from performing a crucial task that they are specially trained to do.

These patches are kept in place by a hook and loop backing, which allows them to be held securely in place but also easily removed in the event that you want to transfer them over to a different harness. They are easy to read, with white wording on a black backdrop, and are made of reflective material, which helps them to stand out in low-light situations.

The Doggie Stylz service dog patch provides a quick and easy means of identifying any dog as a working service dog. And the Doggie Stylz Do Not Pet dog patch helps to make sure that someone doesn’t sneak up on your pet and attempt to pet him, which could be counter-intuitive to his training. Shop Chewy for dog supplies for service dogs as well as all your other pet supllies.

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