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Pups love to play outdoors, roll in the mud and dig. Your dog’s playfulness is so much a part of why you love them, but no pet parent loves when they bring the outdoors back inside with them. A smelly pooch can leave behind odors in your home, on your bedding or even on your clothing. Instead of having to clean up after your pup, give her the bath she needs with the best dog shampoos and conditioners for her. At Chewy, we offer a wide range of dog shampoo brands and types. Whether you’re looking for a dry dog shampoo, a hypoallergenic dog shampoo or even puppy shampoo for your littlest four-legged friend, Chewy has you covered. Scented shampoos can keep your home and hound smelling fresh, like Buddy Wash shampoo and conditioner with lavender and mint. In addition to leaving your dog’s fur clean, Buddy Wash dog shampoo nourishes her coat with Aloe Vera to soothe even itchy, red and irritated skin. A dog bath with a medicated dog shampoo can help heal your canine’s coat. Whether it’s shedding or allergies, the right dog shampoo can help your dog feel like herself again. A shedding problem can be a problem for your entire household. It’s difficult to get dog hair out of furniture and clothing. FURminator DeShedding ultra-premium shampoo is uniquely formulated to address and reduce shedding. Enriched with omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, calendula extract and papaya leaf extract, Furminator deShedding shampoo promotes a healthy coat and skin to avoid shedding. If allergies are causing your precious pup distress, try a dog shampoo that’s formulated for allergy relief. Vet’s Best allergy itch relief shampoo washes away pesky allergens that stick to your dog’s skin and fur. The unique blend of ingredients works to calm and moisturize your canine’s irritated skin, leaving behind an herbal spa fragrance. No matter what your dog grooming supplies needs may be, Chewy's online pet store has all of the dog products you may need to keep your four legged friend looking and feeling great!

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