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Make this spooky season extra meow-gnificent by shopping the cat Halloween selection at Chewy. We carry an extensive range of cat Halloween supplies, with everything from cat Halloween products like spooky toys and treats to Halloween gear for cats like costumes, clothing and accessories. Shop our Halloween supplies for cats and find everything you need for a spirited holiday.

Make getting ready easy with cat Halloween costume accessories you can just pop on with little fuss. A lion’s mane headpiece or bread cat collar makes an adorable and simple kitty costume, or try on some Yoda or mouse ears for a little photo session fun. Our cat Halloween bandanas and collars are another fun way to get your feline into the Halloween with minimal effort.

Cats who like dressing up will love all the fun cat Halloween costumes we offer. Help your kitty totally slay as a cute vampire or shark, or transform her into a meme-worthy taco cat or granny. You can also keep things on the casual side with Halloween cat clothes like cat Halloween sweaters and hoodies or cat Halloween shirts and dresses that are purr-fect for parties, photo ops and prowling the house, too.

Good kitties deserve to be rewarded for all their holiday patience and nice manners, so our Halloween pet shop is well-stocked with tasty Halloween cat treats and exciting Halloween cat toys to make it all worthwhile. You’ll also find spooky cat beds, houses and scratchers for when your fluffy familiar needs to relax. Chewy has everything you need to raise your Halloween kitty’s spirits. Shop our scary good cat Halloween selection and get ready for a truly magical time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my cat on Halloween?

You can dress your cat up on Halloween and take some fun photos, break out some cool Halloween cat toys and treats (Chewy has a great selection of these!) or just snuggle up and watch scary movies with your favorite feline and wait for trick-or-treaters. Most kitties don’t enjoy outings, especially on holidays when there are lots of people out and about, but if your cat does, there may be a feline-friendly party or costume parade you can attend together. Always use caution when taking your cat on adventures outside of the house.

What alternatives to costumes do you carry for cats?

We carry many alternatives to cat costumes, including low-fuss options like Halloween cat costume accessories, cute cat Halloween clothes and more. Festive Halloween-themed bandanas, ruffle collars, novelty ears and hats make great costume alternatives for felines, especially those who won’t tolerate a regular costume or clothing of any kind. More adventurous cats may enjoy a Halloween t-shirt, dress, hoodie or sweater, so experiment and see what works.

What Halloween treats can I give my cat?

You can give your cat Halloween treats made specifically for kitties, to ensure she’s not eating anything that’s bad for her. Chewy offers lots of safe Halloween treats for cats, and they come in an array of spooky shapes and feline-friendly flavors to help your cat celebrate the holiday in style. You can also find a bunch of great Halloween-themed cat toys on our site to really get your cat into the Halloween spirit!

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