Dog Slow Feeders

Slow feeder bowls are a great option for dogs that are known to eat their dog food too fast. These dog food bowls make dogs work to get to their kibbles so that they can’t gulp down their food. Chewy offers a variety of designs and options for slow feeders, which means you can find one that works for your pup. The JW Pet Skid Stop Slow Feed bowl is a standard slow feeder bowl that will prevent your dog from being able to gulp down their food. The rubber coating on the base ensures that the bowl stays in place while your pup chows down. Chewy even offers an elevated slow feeder bowl option, with the Platinum Pets Olympic Diner. This dog food bowl will not only help your dog to eat slower, but it also offers all the added benefits of an elevated dog bowl. For a slower feeder bowl that doubles as a fun dog puzzle you can try an Outward Hound Fun Feeder. These slow feeder bowls create a maze for your dog that is sure to extend mealtime so your pup can savor every last kibble. Slow feeder bowls are not the only option out there to help slow down your dog’s eating. The Omega Paw Portion Pacer can be used with any regular dog food bowl and works by forcing your pup to move the ball around the bowl in order to get at their food. If you are looking to turn mealtime into a fun and more engaging experience, you can try also the Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl. This paw-shaped food bowl is designed to make your dog really work and forage for their food. With sliding “toecaps” and rotating lids, this interactive food bowl is sure to keep your pup entertained while he enjoys his daily meals. So if you are looking to help your pet really take their time when it comes to eating their meals, check out Chewy’s great selection of slow feeders for dogs. Shop this and more at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog products. You are sure to find the perfect fit for your canine companion!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Slow Feeders

Are slow feeder bowls good for dogs?

Slow feeder bowls are good for dogs who eat too quickly and for those trying to reach or maintain a healthy weight. They are also known as slow-eating bowls because they help dogs with digestive issues that may be exacerbated by eating too quickly. Talk to your vet about whether a slow feeder bowl might be a good idea for your pup.

What is the best dog slow feeder bowl?

The best dog slow feeder bowl will vary depending on your dog’s breed, size and habits. The best design will also depend on whether you are using the slow feed dog bowl to feed wet or dry food, and it may depend on the size of kibble you are using, as well. Look for bowls with sturdy construction that are appropriately sized for your dog. Flat-faced breeds may have trouble eating out of some of the slow feed bowl designs, so read descriptions and check reviews to see which ones might be best if you have a flat-faced pup.

How does a dog slow feeder bowl work?

A slow feeder bowl works by having raised sections inside that slow your dog’s ability to gulp down his food. Different patterns like spirals, bumps, ridges and even rounded spikes make dogs work just a little harder to get to every piece. This slows down the pace of eating to help prevent indigestion, gas, vomiting and unwanted weight gain.

When should a dog use a slow feeder?

A dog should use a slow feed bowl if he has a tendency to gulp down food or overeat. Slow feed bowls can also make meals more interesting and rewarding for pups, and they can help fast eaters gulp down less air during meals, as well. Talk to your vet about whether a slow feed bowl might benefit your dog.

Are slow feeders mentally stimulating for dogs?

Slow feeders are mentally stimulating, activating the natural food foraging instinct in canines. Slow feed bowls make dogs work for their dinner, and their puzzle-like design turn meals into rewarding and diverting games. Your dog will enjoy the extra problem-solving exercise, and he will likely enjoy the extra time to savor his food, as well.