Soft Sided Dog Crates

Your dog’s crate is her den. It’s where she goes to feel safe. Crate training is also recommended by both professional trainers and veterinarians as one of the quickest ways to mold dog behavior. A crate provides dogs with the den they instinctively desire and alleviates many problems dogs have with their parents. While many people are used to wire dog crates, there are many kinds of dog crates and kennels. Soft-sided dog crates are great for travel. Soft dog crates can fit into tight spaces and are easy to transport. With a large soft-sided dog crate you can transport your dog with ease. The Frisco indoor and outdoor soft dog crate is easy to set up with no tools required. It easily folds for minimal storage. With three zippered doors, your pet can conveniently access her den no matter where it’s placed in your home. Locking clips make it safe for travel.

For a durable solution, consider plastic dog crates. You can make your dog’s crate more comfortable with dog crate accessories. Attach pet bowls like the MidWest stainless steel dog kennel bowl to your pet’s crate for easy access to water and her favorite dog food. Add dog crate furniture to make your dog’s house a home. Dog crate mats add comfort to your dog’s crate. Use snug dog beds for extra warmth and cushion. Use dog crate covers to assist with crate training and calm anxiety. Find all the best dog supplies including soft dog crates and accessories at

Frequently Asked Questions About Soft Sided Dog Crates

Are soft-sided dog crates safe?

Soft-sided dog crates are safe for most dogs. Larger and more powerful dogs may need a hard-side or heavy-duty crate, and many airlines require hard-sided crates for canine air travel. Soft-sided crates can be more comfortable for dogs and easier to carry and store, but avoid them if you need the added protection of a hard-sided crate.

What are the best soft-sided dog crates?

The best soft-sided dog crates will provide ample ventilation and comfort for your pup. Models with retractable window panels can be helpful, and expandable models add versatility, as well. Choose a sturdy soft-sided dog crate with lots of pockets and handles for easy carrying. Many of the best soft-sided dog crates collapse for easy storage, too.

Can you crate train a dog with a soft-sided crate?

You can crate train a dog with a soft-sided crate. Many soft crates have retractable window shades that make it easy to create privacy and darkness for your dog at bedtime. Soft-sided crates may not be appropriate for stronger dogs or those who chew and paw at their crate, but for many dogs, they are a safe and comfortable choice for crate training.

What size soft-sided dog crate do I need?

You need a soft-sided dog crate that is big enough to allow your dog to stand comfortably and turn around. Add four inches to your dog's height and length measurement to get a rough ideal size estimate, or consult the size chart for the crate you are considering. Chewy includes dimensions, size charts and measuring guides on every soft-sided crate listing to help you pick the right one.