Sound Dog Training Collars

Your four-legged friend is a good girl at heart—she just has some negative behaviors to work on. You can help train her to be more obedient with help from a dog sound collar. This training method uses uncomfortable but completely safe sound as a consequence when she starts an undesired behavior. Because the dog collar beeper comes with a remote, you have control over the actions you’d like to address, whether it’s barking, chewing, digging or jumping up on people. It can be used practically anywhere, at any time, so you can train while on a hike or when she’s visiting Grandma’s house with you.

You’ll see many dog training sound collars feature multiple modes and settings so you can get her attention however she responds best. For example, some collars can also vibrate or use static correction so you can select the setting or settings that work for her. And if you have a disobedient duo, you’ll find training options that come with two collars.

To train your furbaby using an ultrasonic dog collar, consistency is key. When she begins the negative behavior, give her a command to stop. If she doesn’t listen, use the remote to make the collar emit a sound. Each time she stops the behavior, be sure to use positive reinforcement and tell her she’s such a good girl! The goal is to teach her to associate her disobedience with the unwanted noise so she wants to make better decisions.

There are many ways you can address dog training and you’ll find a variety of options at Chewy. When she has several issues to work on, you can choose a dog training collar that uses different consequences like a vibrating dog collar or dog training shock collar. If you need dog bark control help, there are more hands-off options that address the behavior, even when you’re not around. Pup-ular choices include dog sound bark collars and ultrasonic dog repellers. Ready to train? Shop with us any time for your versatile ultrasonic dog collar for training on!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do dog sound training collars work?

Dog sound training collars work by emitting a sound from the collar to deter negative behavior. The sound is irritating to dogs and used as a consequence. It is remote-controlled, so you can determine the behaviors that require a consequence like barking, biting, digging or chewing. Many dog training collars come with different stimulation modes, including sound and beeping modes.

Are sound and beeping collars safe for dogs?

Sound and beeping collars are completely safe for dogs. Using sound, it simply bothers your pup without harming his ears or hearing. Because it requires a remote, you have control over the consequence. Always check with your vet if you have more questions about beeping collar safety.

How do you train a dog with a sound collar?

To train a dog with a sound collar, you need him to associate the sound with his negative behaviors. When he barks, digs, growls or begins an undesirable behavior, you will use the remote control to emit a sound from his collar. Consistency is key so that he recognizes that the sound is a consequence for his actions. Positive reinforcement is a great complement to this training method.

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